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  1. Elon Musk just re-instated Alex Jones' account on Twitter (X). Alex Jones is one of the most insidious spreaders of disinformation and conspiracy theories in the new media - as evidenced by the nearly $1.5 BILLION dollars in damages he must now pay to the families of Sandy Hook su
  2. I have obtained a copy of the plaintiff's 67-page appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court to keep Trump off the ballot pursuant to §3 of 14th Amendment of the Constitution before it hits the docket. As soon as I have a link to a court-stamped copy, I'll provide it. For now, I wanted
  3. Tomorrow's headline: FLORIDA MAN SAYS WORDS
  4. More bad news for Donald Trump
  5. Dear YE, Nazis are not cool, neither was Hitler. Please seek help.
  6. just to recap: an unashamed Nazi had dinner at the same place where a confessed nuclear spy stashed his stolen classified documents and our shithole media shrugged its collective shoulders and moved o
  7. How much do we love @karaswisher ?
  8. We’re not just in a battle for our democracy. We’re in a battle for truth itself.
  9. Marjorie Taylor Greene, the top Trump supporter in the House, attended a Nick Fuentes rally while Milo Y. was her staffer. Greene said after her involvement with Fuentes became a scandal that she did n
  10. Yeah, the Founding Fathers wanted people to be allowed to own guns. But they also wanted people to be allowed to own people, so maybe all their ideas weren't perfect.
  11. What @Amiberger says. Be gentle. Provide feedback and suggestions. They are building the plane as it is taking off.
  12. “To dine at Mar-a-Lago with one antisemite may be regarded as a scandal; to dine with two looks like a meeting of the minds.” — Oscar Wilde , were he alive today and a cable news commentator
  13. it's Thanksgiving weekend. Barack Obama is volunteering in a soup kitchen. Donald Trump is dining with Nazis. any questions
  14. Condemning Nazis shouldn't be hard. Yet, not a peep from GOP leaders Kevin McCarthy and Ronna McDaniel. Their silence is complicity.
  15. Does “Post” stand for post Twitter? Asking for a few million friends.
  16. Why would an educated man like Mike Pompeo put a bull’s-eye on the back of the president of a teachers union, calling her “the most dangerous person in the world”? Turns out, the GOP has a very specif
  17. Can y’all repost this post to let folks know I’m on this dohicky?
  18. I see Pompeo was once again trying to distance himself from the guy he slavishly served for four years. Somebody needs to tell the poor guy it's just not going to happen for him. So he doesn't humilia

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