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Some people think politics is joke.

I've been crash coursing Music Production for the past year.  I post my own works(usually) and all photography is my own(some with Dall-e) I can be found here.... I am open to collaboration, DMs are open.

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  1. So I will blow up my feed with music I like and my own. However for those inclined I do have a #SoundCloud . #music #p op # triphop
  2. Dude... When even Elon's twitter is fact checking #r epublicans . This is the same bloc that knows from #f oxnews the assorted gambit of contradictory conspiracies. It makes me very happy to know that people are seemingly waking up to the bullshit from republicans.
  3. Elon Musk did too much acid...

    *Elon Musk thinks people who disagree with him are haters. *Elon Musk thinks the haters are just manipulated NPC's without agency of their own. *Elon musk thinks he's in the drivers seat of the very simulation he believes in. *Elon musk thinks people are just NPC's. Some are program
  4. #hiphop #m usic #n ew First time really diving into mastering.
  5. #photography #S eattle #B elleview Random shots.
  6. #PugetSound . #s eattle #p hotography #D eceptionPass
  7. More new #m usic . Doomy vibes, hard beats, haunting synths.
  8. New #music from yours trully! Just beats, and awesome melody. Sudden piano! #triphop #i nstrumental
  9. Seattle Ice Storm Just nuts..
  10. Crazy Birds.
  11. Fall equinox..
  12. It's pretty wild that the political discourse in this country is that the far right is literally crying about how it's unfair to them that they don't equal air time, or fair play... In response to the
  13. Some of tonight's Openai manifestations. Probably will use some for album covers or song art haha.
  14. I'm still working on the second round of this sound bite, and how to go about it, so for now , it's just a sample. But it's catchy, as my way of saying Hello with my first post. I'm getting off the

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