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  1. ProPublica is superb at lifting that rock to let us see the critters that scurry away. In this case, the concerted efforts of Leonard Leo & Koch bros. to install Wisc Supreme Court judges to protect GOP puppets like former Gov., Scott Walker.
  2. #Janete Perez Was there a alteration made on POST that impedes mobile phones, etc, from enlarging posts to be able to read them? My eyes are old.
  3. #nfl I sense a mentality of Exhibition Games are in the cards this season for my favorite football team.
  4. By Lisa Needham 🚨 WE’RE OFFERING FREE TRIALS FOR ALL NEW PUBLIC NOTICE SIGNUPS 🚨 Click the button to support this work and unlock full access to everything we publish. What you have to understand at the outset is that Wisconsin Republicans don’t care about democracy. They care ab
  5. Jennifer Rubin: Wisconsin Republicans are the biggest losers - And they just don't learn
  6. As much a threat to democracy as TN silencing @iGenPolitics_ guest @brotherjones_, Wisconsin Republicans seek to nullify election, by @rbhubbell Good news too: GA hearing w/cameras was brilliant today; Biden saving environment; CO citizens 14thA suit
  7. Wisconsin court finds that the federal National Mail Voter Registration Form violates state law, ruling in favor of a conservative group's lawsuit. The order prohibits the use of the popular form for future voter registrations in Wisconsin. The National Mail Voter Registration Fo
  8. If you are seeing the nonsense on the other site and looking for me here, you found me.
  9. By Robert Reich Friends, I thought today, Labor Day, might be a good one to introduce my father, Ed Reich, and tell you a little about him and the values he passed along to me. Labor Day makes me think of him, because on Labor Day, he kicked the bigots out of our house. Ed called hi
  10. WASHINGTON, D.C. — On Tuesday, Aug. 29, the Wisconsin Senate Elections Committee held a hearing on whether or not to reappoint the state’s top election official, Meagan Wolfe, a nonpartisan appointee who has led the Wisconsin Elections Commission (WEC) since 2019. Wolfe was appoi
  11. Happy Independence Day 🇺🇦 #ukraine #orion412
  12. Fellow pilots say goodbye to Juice. Juice was also one of the "Ghosts of Kyiv". The other two pilots were Minka and Prokazin. #ukraine #orion412
  13. HEALTH WARNING: Losing 95 lbs in one day can be dangerous to your health.
  14. GO JACK!
  15. By Paige Anderholm Today is the first day of Justice Janet Protasiewicz’s decade-long term. It is the first time since 2008 that liberal justices have held the majority on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. Only 24 states elect justices to their respective state Supreme Courts. Of those,
  16. By Robert Reich [Couy Griffin] Friends, Yesterday I suggested we welcome Donald Trump’s “final battle” against being held criminally liable for attempting a coup against the United States, because it will clarify the choice between democracy and authoritarianism. Today I want to talk

    #PNW Can anyone ID this flying insect? Smooth like a hornet. About 3/4" long & 1/4" wide. Shaped like an loaf of Italian bread. Hangs out near germander & lavender and harasses, and most times makes contact with, my bees. Oregon.
  18. #PNW #gardensofpost Can anyone identify this flying insect? About the length of a hornet but, wide and flat like a flattened loaf of bread. Hangs out near germander and lavender and harasses honey bees.

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