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Host, Air Land & Sea, a global series about communities yesterday & today airing on @JewishLifeTV + Uncovered in the Archives about CA airing on @EmpirePBS

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  1. Wilbur Awards!

    The deadline to enter the Wilbur Awards is rapidly approaching - TOMORROW, January 31, 2023. The Religion Communicators Council welcomes individuals, groups or organizations working in the secular (non-religious) media to participate in the 2023 Wilbur Awards. The Wilburs honors ex
  2. Wilbur Awards for Secular Media Covering Religion

    The deadline to enter the Wilbur Awards is rapidly approaching - Tuesday, January 31, 2023. The Religion Communicators Council welcomes individuals, groups or organizations working in the secular (non-
  3. Antisemitism is exploding in America

    If you don't believe that #antisemitism is exploding in America, take a look at the results of a survey just released by @ADL -- revealing a litany of anti-#Jewish stereotypes held by Americans. It's m
  4. Expoding Antisemitism in the United States

    Waking up on January 12, 2023 to read multiple newspaper headlines revealing exploding #antisemitism in the United States is devastating and heartbreaking. After the horrors of the 20th century, should
  5. Currently Residing in Florida

    Consider — currently residing in #Florida are two former heads of state who rejected elections in which they lost and whose supporters attacked their nations’ capitals — Donald Trump (USA) and Jair Bo
  6. End the Speakership Madness

    If McCarthy were picking votes with each round, I could see moving forward. We are in Round 8 and he has not picked up a single vote since Round 1. It's time to end this charade ... for the good of th
  7. What happened to the Republican Party?

    Will Rogers famously said, "I am not a member of any organized party. I am a Democrat." What has happened to the modern Republican Party?They were the ones that were supposed to bring wide-eyed Democra
  8. Hungary, My Ancestral Homeland

    Tremendous honor to meet Hungarian Consul Dr. Imola Szabo. As a descendant of Hungarian #Jews , I particularly enjoyed our discussion about #Hungary in the 21st Century.
  9. Given Mr Santos fibbed about his #Jewish roots, you got to admit - this is hilarious.
  10. Looking for who to follow and who might want to follow me on POST

    I tend to POST about issues relating to the #Jewish community, about #politics generally and about #history overall. I welcome suggestions about who I might want to follow and who might want to follow
  11. Wilbur Awards

    The Religion Communicators Council invites members of the secular (non-religious) media to submit their work for the 2023 Wilbur Awards, honoring excellence in communicating religious issues, themes a
  12. I Stand With Ukraine

    I am honored to have my first name affiliated with anything that supports Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. #IStandWithUkraine #SlavaUkraini
  13. Religion Communicators Council accepting entries for 2023 Wilbur Awards for secular media
  14. Antisemitism ... in 2022

    I cannot believe in 2022, an American President feels compelled to call out a rise in #antisemitism . In the United States of America -- just devastating.
  15. “It was a big scam.”

    From the 1-6 Committee: “Not one of [any of the documents delivered via subpoena] provided evidence raising genuine questions about the election outcome. In short, it was a big scam.” This is not good f
  16. Israel Supports Morocco

    What an incredibly moving and touching front page from today's @Jerusalem_Post. With nearly 1M Israelis descending from Moroccan Jews and the wonderful reality of the Abraham Accords, I understand why
  17. One simple question - how is a tweet like this one good for business???
  18. Mishigas!

    You know it's going to be a great weekend when @MSNBC Anchor @alexwagner, whose roots are in Ireland, Luxembourg and Myanmar (translation - she's not #Jewish), uses the word "mishigas" (which means cr
  19. 2024 Presidential Election

    Of the swing states in 2024, from Democrats Mostly Likely to Carry to Least Likely to Carry. Tier 1: MI, PA, NH (Very Likely) Tier 2: AZ, NV, WI, GA (Swing) Tier 3: NB-2, NC, ME-2 (Unlikely, but Possi

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