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  1. Happy new year to all you soft ass mfs on this ‘app’
  2. overreaction on social media always makes me laugh oscar valdez KO's miguel berchelt and suddenly its 'valdez is one of the 4 hardest punchers to ever exist at 130' without even coming up for air.
  3. How do I not see 900 posts every second of omg I’m new here like ok bro act like you’ve been here before
  4. Shishkin and Salita getting a Christmas gift in the form of Jose Uzcategui. Shishkin's career has stalled with zero momentum after his Shobox win. from the heavens comes a former champ on a PBC co-mai
  5. I am exactly the type of person that you should send nudes to
  6. bro at the store bagging my shit like he got paid off bag commission
  7. seems like no matter what I do twitch finds a way to shove ads up my ass
  8. undisclosed injury = holy fuck im getting drug tested
  9. the vibe on here is too social mixer. everyones representative is speaking right now just being nice and trying to get liked.
  10. 3 SECRET THINGS TO DO IF YOU HAVE AMAZON PRIME cancel your account shoplift at walmart
  11. My mental health is so bad. Why'd there suffering in this world. Why'd you be mad at me for being a dipshit?
  12. I can’t post videos on here ????
  13. only thing I miss from twitter is all the only fans accounts to keep the timeline very tastefully curated
  14. inconsistent font sizes are trash. this needs fixing.

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