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  1. Amen. But much work remains.
  2. #boston for all the boston peeps on here! Thank you Mark Hurwitz
  3. #caturday #catsofpost
  4. #postplaces #charlestown #boston
  5. You can feel the momentum building

    Having deleted Twitter and tried Post, Mastadon and Tribel, I agree with this thread. Post has the most potential. The pickup amongst journalists is great and once more government entities and media o
  6. Banyan Tree Mayakoba, Cancun #postplaces
  7. True…but still!!!
  8. #catsofpost this is how I feel when the #patriots aren’t good…
  9. The #patriots unis are 🔥. Unfortunately they aren’t very good.
  10. I want to be respectful of folks who have a leg in both the bird app and other similar sites of their choosing, but isn’t any engagement on that platform (even maintaining an account) lending legitima

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