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  2. hey, remember when Hunter Biden got caught stealing from his own fake foundation and was forbidden from ever operating a charity again and a court forced him to attend a class on "how not to steal"? oh wait, that wasn't Hunter Biden, that was Don Jr., Ivanka and the dumb one
  3. Good morning! We're short staffed this week with the holiday, but we've received your support requests and are working through a handful of important updates that'll keep us moving in the right direction. We appreciate your patience as we field the new influx of users! Ps. Posts w
  4. By Dan Rather With both the Supreme Court’s decision gutting affirmative action and July 4th in mind, we are having to ask ourselves as a nation, once again, for what do we stand? Trying, always trying, to be “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” how do we contend wit
  5. The two people I had lunch with the other day were THRILLED the Supreme Court turned down Biden’s student loan relief. They were both VEHEMENTLY opposed to student debt relief. I asked ‘why, though?’ ‘Why should THEY get help?! I didn’t!!’ I just checked their names in the PPP loans
  6. Did you know the notifications for the Comments section are different than the Post notifications (like likes and reposts and follows)? It’s because it’s managed by a different system called OpenWeb. Do you want to change your email notifications for either? @janete
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  8. Summer
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  10. #kramer #Seinfeld #twitter
  11. Is it just me, or is the level of discourse here on @Post refreshingly elevated when compared to a certain other place?
  12. Thank you to my 93,000 followers. Only 7,000 more to my goal of 100k on @Post !
  13. With all the indictments that have and will come still, I’ll never get over the near certainty Trump will never be held accountable for his homicidal negligence during Covid.
  14. Lorie Smith’s lawyers should be investigated for ethical violations — for potentially lying to courts about the fake query for a same-sex wedding website. And Smith is potentially liable for defamation. The 303 case is not over. Keep pushing. The truth must come out.
  15. Now I can't tweet, QT, like tweets, or follow new people. The only thing currently working for me is retweeting. Elon's the best in the biz.
  16. Post tips for Newbies. Welcome to Post. Stay awhile important follow @janete , @noam and @noel for official #PostTips There is no #Andoid app yet so if you're on Android, go to your profil
  17. FOLLOW BACK FOR THE FOURTH! Elon Musk is trying to silence pro-democracy voices here — we need to stay UNITED. #FBR From now through the 4th: — Follow + comment - I’ll follow back — RT + comment - I’ll follow back

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