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If we don't take care of our democracy, we'll lose it.

Facts are my thing. My favorite subjects: history, law and foreign languages. Since 2016/2017 I've been following politics very closely out of great concern. My rescue dogs are my daily joy, and I like to grow my own vegetables.

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  1. January 6th Committee Hearing today, at 1.00 pm EST If you don't have cable TV available: One way to watch today's January 6 hearing is on PBS (via YouTube).
  2. As it is for now: 57 % have voted yes, 43 % have voted no; the poll will end in around 2 hours and 40 minutes.
  3. Reaction from the EU regarding Twitter Suspensions of Journalists

    The legal view is here: The EU's Digital Services Act requires "that platforms must ensure their terms and conditions 'are clear, understandable and transparent.' But after Twitter changed its rules on
  4. Bookmarked: FYI
  5. "Seven people have been charged with shipping sensitive U.S. technology to Russia. Among those arrested was a New Hampshire man accused of using his quiet suburban home as part of the smuggling ring."
  6. Bookmarked: Symptoms of Depression
  7. Bookmarked: FYI (Covid Tests for free available)
  8. 3rd booster

    The next day (within 24 hours) I was shivering, low energy/very tired and I had slight pain in my arm where the injection site was. Now back to normal (after 34 hours). Overall: it went well. (The nur
  9. "Reporters whose accounts were suspended include Donie O'Sullivan of CNN; Ryan Mac of the New York Times ; Drew Harwell of the Washington Post ; Micah Lee of the Intercept; and journalist Aaron Rupar.-"
  10. Got my 3rd booster today. So far no side effects.
  11. Bookmarked: FYI
  12. Threats to our Democracy

    For reasons of data and privacy protection as well as to prevent the spread of misinformation, I advise against using Tiktok and WeChat. I recently watched a documentary about China's surveillance con
  13. Movie recommendation

    I haven't read "Where the Crawdads Sing" by Delia Owens, but I watched the movie with the same title on Netflix the other day and was amazed. Genre: Mystery/Crime Topic: Court Trial/North Carolina-Swam
  14. DONALD TRUMP , former President of the United States and current Republican Candidate for President of the United States RUDY GIULIANI , former Private Counsel to the President of the United States, form
  15. Many thanks to everyone who drew my attention to Post. My first day and I like it; very user friendly.
  16. New York Times staffers are engaged in a one-day work stoppage that started at midnight. They’re asking all readers to avoid Times products and platforms today.
  17. Germany arrests 25 suspected far-right extremists for plotting to overthrow government (Zahid Mahmood/Chris Stern, CNN; Dec.7, 2022)

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