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Chief Home Repairman and Stuff Fixer

Husband, father. Texan. Religious, Progressive. Science, History, Politics, Nature. Business analytics, forecasting, supply chain. Disc golf, gardening, woodworking. UT sports.

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  1. BREAKING: The Department of Education has launched an investigation of the Granbury, Texas school district's decision to remove LGBTQ books from its libraries. The move follows @propublica
  2. This is really good. So damn good. Lots of people should watch this.
  3. Chief Justice John Roberts temporarily freezes order meant to end Title 42 Wednesday
  4. To everyone who is interested in history and Ukraine , I want to recommend the free course of the famous historian Timothy Snyder "The Making of Modern Ukraine". Before starting this course, Timothy Sn
  5. 🤘
  6. Vote your conscience. Vote with your feet. Vote with your wallets. Vote!
  7. Better to have them and not need them…
  8. Excellent starting place.

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