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  1. Judge Aileen Cannon allowed Jack Smith to file something ex parte and under seal - which means hidden from the public AND hidden from trump and his lawyers - and then after he filed it, she changed her mind and ordered Jack Smith to produce it to team trump. This is a little diffi
  2. It appears that the DC Circuit Court of appeals is weighing some pretty serious stuff considering it's been over a week and we don't have a decision on absolute presidential immunity and double jeopardy appeals from donald trump in the DC case brought against him by Jack Smith. G
  3. #MadeonPost Dear World, Listen to Hamas! They are making fun of International Law. Using the Media and Global Political Ignorance in Their Own Benefit! Dear UN, Stop Blaming Israel. They are distorting the UN rules to abuse of it and gain sympathy for their evil cause: the annihila
  4. Barack Obama was elected first Black President of the United States. . Here's the letter I wrote to my daughter the next day from Washington: . Nov 05, 2008 at 12:18 PM Hey Kiddo, What a momentous day, historic and incredible. I am so wowed by it all and have been almost compulsive ab
  5. What is wrong with people?
  6. #MadeonPost Good Morning My Dear Posties! Close your eyes and listen to this song. Than watch the whole video again. Look at this beautiful human being. Ask yourself: why did he end up in the streets without a home, a job, a meaningful life? I can only imagine and out of pure intu
  7. Oh sure, you can trust this guy...
  8. News quiz!
  9. need some cheering up? Mark Meadows whined to a federal judge that it was unfair to have to go on trial in Georgia and the judge just told Mark Meadows to fuck straight off
  10. “Either there’s rule of law or there’s not. Either we are defined by a system of justice that holds the guilty accountable or we aren’t. Either we have a democracy that limits the use of violence to define our public life and the rights of our citizens or we have a country devolv
  11. As Jim Jordan tries to inserts his committee improperly into state prosecutions once again, a reminder of why he is even in Congress in the first place. This is his district in Ohio. One of the most gerrymandered in the nation.
  12. Truth bomb incoming!
  13. The biggest challenge facing our country today is the hardened opposition by large elements of the GOP to free and fair elections. I know how we fight against it but I don't know how we resolve it.
  14. holy fucking shit, if trained armed guards INSIDE A FUCKING BANK couldn't prevent a mass shooting, how the fuck can we expect armed teachers to prevent one in a school. come on, people, THINK. we need fewer guns and more brains
  15. An interview with Yuri Raskin, who has great outreach to the Ukrainian and Russian audiences.
  16. What in the name of...
  17. “Zelensky and his fellow Ukrainians have reminded Americans of the values and causes we used to admire in ourselves — the ardent hunger for freedom, the deep-rooted respect for equality and human dign
  18. Jamie Raskin: Trump "will run, and if he doesn't win, he will take a walk on [Republicans]; he will leave and run as an independent... they've made their bed at this point, and now they've got to lie

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