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Can I borrow bout Tree-Fiddy?


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  1. Scenes from last night that I think are perfect... credit to their respective photographers, I didn't think to get who did each shot
  2. Merry Christmas posties!
  3. After hearing everyone on TV laughing at tRumps NFT grift, I'm picturing him throwing a hissy fit... "God damnit Eric, I told you this was a bad idea!" "BBBBut, Daaaad, all my friends swore that NFT's
  4. I just need the sports reporters to get here, I need my breaking sports news!
  5. It's kind of funny that their christo-fascist religious law is biting them in the ass.
  6. Weiners an open fire. 🎶🎶
  7. First post. Howdy👋

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