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  1. Wagner leader calls for attack on Russian military as feud escalates #News #WorldNews #WagnerGroup #Russia #RussiaInDisarray
  2. I was wondering where Wagner could increase their munitions.
  3. A couple of Twitter OSINT accounts are now reporting that Wagner mercenaries have surrounded the Russian Southern Military District HQ in the city of Rostov, while a separate Wagner group has pushed north: #Ukraine
  4. #russia #Putin
  5. #russia
  6. 🤔
  7. Mercenaries are the biggest pieces of shit there are, but here we are… #FuckPutin
  8. @bnonews :Extraordinary scenes in Russia's Rostov-on-Don, where military forces are on the move
  9. I'm glad he's alarmed, This is fu**ed UN official ‘alarmed’ by jailing of climate activist who blocked traffic on Sydney Harbour Bridge

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