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Author of The H-Bomb of Highroad

Los Angeles, California

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  1. There's Tom Petty, there's Richard Petty, then there's Delete-Ukraine-From-Twitter Petty.
  2. I was in an Olive Garden and could smell Italian food but only because there was an actual Italian restaurant next door.
  3. I don't know about you but whenever I read "Herschel Walker is dumb as a bag of hair," I feel compelled to apologize to my bag of hair.
  4. If you're still "fighting the good fight til the end" over on Elon Twitter, then you're still adding to its engagement metrics.
  5. WIFE: You're drinking beer with your ice cream. ME: What world do you live in? Mine's on fire.
  6. Me? I'm thankful for a great election day. #democracy #antifascist
  7. Hello! Excited to be here but I feel I should tell you up front that I plan on buying this site for $40 billion and turning it into a sewage treatment plant.

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