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  1. NEW: March 5 will decide primaries in California and Texas, the nation’s two largest states, plus Alabama, Arkansas, and North Carolina. @taniel walks you through more than 50 downballot races to watch in our Super Tuesday guide.
  2. After mirroring courtwatching programs usually piloted by the left, Bay Area opponents of criminal justice reform are now looking to oust two local judges on March 5. NEW in Bolts:
  3. Four justices on Arkansas’ highest court are trying to jump to different seats on the bench, a situation that could empower the conservative governor by granting her more appointments. NEW in Bolts from @taniel :
  4. D.C. Jail authorities claim to no longer use solitary confinement, but still isolate people with mental health crises in "safe cells." A bill introduced in September seeks to limit this practice. NEW in Bolts:
  5. NEW: Deadly jails and disputes over bail and policing loom over Texas’ DA and sheriff races, with marquee elections starting next month in Harris, Tarrant, and Travis counties.
  6. A proposed pilot program to provide cash aid to formerly incarcerated Coloradans has died quickly in the state Senate, which was already a graveyard for progressive ambitions last year. NEW in Bolts:
  7. Faced with a ‘Cop City’ referendum push, Atlanta this week approved new rules for citizen-led petitions to include signature matching — a practice decried by protesters and voting rights advocates. NEW in Bolts and Mother Jones:
  8. Pennsylvania tosses thousands of ballots over small errors. A new public official in this pivotal swing state wants to save them with an “ice cream truck for voting” — sending out election workers where people live to help them cure their mail ballots. NEW in Bolts:
  9. There’s more bad news for Nikki Haley after she lost the Nevada primary last night, getting fewer votes than “None of these candidates.” The GOP is holding separate caucuses tomorrow, with Trump all but certain to secure every delegate.
  10. NEW in Bolts: Presidential primaries are picking up this month, and control of a swing-state legislature is on the line. In our latest cheat sheet, @taniel guides you through the six elections to watch in February.
  11. Massachusetts banned sentences of life without parole for “emerging adults” up to age 21, the latest in a series of states revisiting who counts as young in the eyes of the law. NEW in Bolts from @taniel :
  12. New Jersey has one of the nation's harshest jury exclusion laws. A bill championed by formerly incarcerated people would walk that back, and make juries more diverse as a result. NEW in Bolts:
  13. NEW in Bolts: Your guide to four major legal threats that may further unravel the Voting Rights Act this year, and what cases you should be watching.
  14. On his first day in office, Los Angeles DA George Gascón rolled out a suite of blanket bans against some very severe punishments. The ensuing years have been a crash course in the politics of reforming prosecution. NEW in Bolts:
  15. The vast majority of Ohio’s prosecuting attorneys are running unopposed this year, despite the policy debates and misconduct allegations surrounding many of their offices. NEW in @boltsmag from @taniel :
  16. Illinois's housing banishment laws push people into homelessness and prison. A coalition led by people with past sex offense convictions is championing a bill that could end the cycle. NEW in Bolts:
  17. A bill filed in Colorado aims to break the cycle of incarceration by giving people up to $3,000 upon release from prison. NEW in Bolts:
  18. Facing a hard-right turn on criminal justice with the arrival of a new governor, Louisiana criminal justice reformers vow to redouble their efforts. NEW in Bolts:
  19. San Francisco has expanded its free jail phone calls by offering tablets and their content at no cost to incarcerated people, part of a wave of institutions decoupling carceral communications from a profit motive. NEW in Bolts:
  20. Opportunities abound for states to ease ballot access and voter registration this year. But the specter of major showdowns over the results of the November elections also looms. We've laid out twelve big questions for democracy and voting rights in 2024:

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