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  1. Until he retires every time #lebronjames steps on an #NBA basketball court he will break the scoring record he set last night😊. We take his consistency and greatness for granted. We'll done #king .
  2. The devastation by the quake in #Turkey and #Syria is heartbreaking. Donate if you are able. Every bit counts. I chose to support the # redcrescent and their work provider food, shelter and healthcare on the ground.
  3. This is not shocking but it still makes me sad.
  4. Lol sometimes I make memes. I cracked myself up with this one. The frantic around Beyoncé world tour, can only mean one thing. Some people will be disappointed by ticketmaster...again
  5. To be so racist that your brand is to push for a return to the pre civil rights era. When Desantis says "woke ideology" he means anything that pushes for equal treatment of all people. He will not stop at Black people, LGBTQ people or women's right to choose. This is a man who wi
  6. #Mpox is "over" in the US, what next?

    #Mpox emergency in the US officially ends today. It took vaccines, diagnostics a robust community response and experimental treatments. This is not a reality shared by African countries where #mpox has been endemic for decades. We can celebrate the public health response that led t
  7. So let's talk about the pouch

    I really enjoy learning random and cool stuff. This weekend I stumbled on an article about the details of kangaroo and wallaby (macropods) reproduction and it was so cool to learn how the mythical pouch works. Trust me it's a very fun read and we'll worth the 5mins 😊.
  8. R.I.P #TyreNichols

    We can mourn the unjust murder of #TyreNichols at the hands of the police without consuming the video that depicts his dehumanization. Watching the video is a choice. Choosing not to watch is the righ
  9. Choosing self-care is never failure. She was my favorite world leader. Led with compassion and incredible strength. Her example will be missed on the world stage. It's a shame poorly written headlines
  10. In today's american horror story I learned that there is an assaultrifle designed and marketed for children! Children! What is this insanity? 😳
  11. Vaccines are a crucial tool for the #mpox elimination goal but must be integrated as part of a broader strategy that prioritizes key aspects of research and public health. Surveillance, diagnostics, c
  12. What's the point of #Davos ?😒 This is a rhetorical question
  13. We can't end HIV if children are left behind

    In the push to end #HIV children in Africa living with the disease continue to face serious challenges to access lifesaving treatment.
  14. Important reminders
  15. Truly harrowing and sad story.
  16. The Last Mile Problem – COVID-19 Vaccine Coverage Among the Most Socially Vulnerable

    In a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Infectious Diseases. Dalton examined COVID-19 vaccine coverage and vaccine effectiveness across 5 social vulnerability index quintiles in t
  17. This is beautiful and one of the things I continue to strive to implement daily in my walk through this thing called life. #BeKindAlways
  18. May we treat the vulnerable better where #covid is concerned in #2023. It's not over.
  19. May 2023 bring you all love, peace and light. #HappyNewYear

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