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Retired municipal employee

I came of age during the civil rights movement, Vietnam War and Watergate. These and other events shaped my world view and political perspectives. I organized opposition to the Vietnam War in my high school and later worked as an organizer with the United Farm Workers (UFW). At college and since I've been active in LGBTQ+, union and socialist politics. I've been with my husband for 31 years. I’m a student of mindfulness and meditation — not a perfect practitioner by any stretch, but good enough to realize some of the benefits.

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  1. The voting rights of low-income workers, racial minorities, the disabled and other groups are facing concerted attack by Republicans across the country. Not to say the Democrats are angels, but these attacks are almost exclusively led by Republicans as the party becomes ever more
  2. A new post on my blog:
  3. The debate isn’t over, but kudos to Ohio Governor DeWine for a courageous decision given his MAGA-dominated party.
  4. Looks like Nikki Haley needs to take one of those forbidden history classes or read one of those banned books. When asked what she thought was the cause of the Civil War, at first she seemed to struggle to recall. “Well don’t come to me with an easy question,” she replied. Then sh
  5. A new post on my blog. Strangely, this was one of the best and most memorable Christmases in a long time.
  6. Someone’s goose is cooked, either Trump’s or the Supreme Court’s. Only one will be left standing in the wake of Colorado’s ruling on the 14th Amendment.
  7. An interesting read on the Colorado Supreme Court decision that Trump is disqualified from being president again because the 14th Amendment, Section 3, prohibits it.
  8. A new post on my blog: Yesterday a Facebook friend posted a short essay that quickly and succinctly distills some key vital points about Israel and Gaza, the history of Jewish oppression, the origins and nature of Israel, and the worldwide fight against antisemitism. I felt his co
  9. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! This morning I’m posting something special on my blog. It wasn’t planned, but yesterday I felt drawn to my computer and the words just flowed…
  10. A new post on my blog:
  11. Yesterday Rep. Becca Balint (D-Vt) spoke in the House of Representative to propose censure of Marjorie Taylor Greene.
  12. When is enough enough?
  13. A new post on my blog today.
  14. Posted today on my blog.
  15. Posted today in my blog.
  16. Posted today in my blog.
  17. The Shame of Ohio State Issue 1

    Ohio's Issue 1 is an effort by Republicans (primarily if not exclusively) to sneak in a last-minute rule change ahead of a statewide vote on abortion rights in November. What Issue 1 Will Do For over a hundred years the Ohio Constitution has been amended by a majority vote of 50%
  18. As Americans Celebrate Freedom Today...

    As Americans celebrate freedom today, it’s important to note this remains a work in progress — and not always a forward progress. Recent Supreme Court rulings have rolled back freedoms previously granted with hints that it intends to take away more. State legislatures have been ba
  19. My comments on the passing today of Daniel Ellsberg.
  20. My 2¢ on the Trump Indictment

    Nothing here is new or earth shattering with respect to Trump's indictment in the national security documents case, but I think these points warrant emphasis. Those Clinton Emails Trump, Fox News and Republicans condemn Trump's indictment, in part, because Hillary Clinton was never

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