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Bobby Harlow


Not related to Jack.

On the edge of town in Arizona

I live an obscure quiet life in a big house animated by alien light beams.

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  1. blue wave ....
  2. My Guitar Travel Plan

    I use a soft shell case and wear it like a backpack upside down when getting on the plane and board with the crowd to avoid being noticed. If I am stopped, I fight to keep it and let the pilot decide. Nobody has the heart to force check a soft shell guitar case after I show them
  3. Understanding Simple Marxism

    This post explains the meaning of socialism : the workers control the means of production. Socialism does not mean that the government provides free money or services, and it does not mean fascism; it is not a political system, and it is not necessary for the government to enforce
  4. Carlin was smart enough to make a fortune by telling the truth.

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