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Psychotherapist #Progressive #BlueDot #BLM #Ukraine 🌊🏳️‍🌈💉5


Twitter refugee Oxymoron (Southern Democrat) Retired Armchair Activist, Avid Reposter of others great posts, cheerleader to resisters Deeply Patriotic (My ancestor, Francis Scott Key, wrote Star Spangled Banner) Will have to work on my bio. Right now I am looking for my Peeps. They don't know that they are my Peeps, but I do.

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  1. Iran is allegedly planning to send 150 Hezbollah members to Ukraine to operate Iranian-made drones used by Russia
  2. How is this ok, where is Congress. The lack of regulation for social media, is causing all this madness.
  3. A Team🇺🇦 Ukrainian Defenders. #ukraine #walterreport #photography #postphotos #postplaces #art #war #pets #dogs #democracy #dogsofpost #petsofpost #postdogs #nature #democracy #politics
  4. Looky Here YA'LL.... What Do You Know.... Seems Unemployment has dropped the lowest in 50 years.... Now who's responsible for that you think?
  5. Reagan was when it really started going south
  6. "Beyond boosters, the use of high-quality masks, rapid testing before gatherings, distancing, air ventilation and filtration will all help protect against infections." "The XBB strain is the first fast
  7. Dumber than a box of rocks, this one.....
  8. A post from @brandidaddison As human activities rapidly transform the planet, the global insect population is declining at an unprecedented rate of up to 2% per year. Amid defore
  9. 🌊Calling all Blue Friends🌊 Join us for #DemsConnect Follow Party. Connect with us daily by simply liking this post, reposting and following everyone who hit the like button! It's easy to find new & o
  10. Once again, not a Drag Queen.
  11. When you tell half of the truth. To promote all of the lie.
  12. Ozone layer on track to recover within decades: 'We need to be vigilant'
  13. 🤯 I just discovered something SO helpful that I should have realized weeks ago, but only figured out tonight. So, as I do, I’m keeping you all #postd with this fun #PostTip for doing phrase searches

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