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  1. Anyone else notice the direct correlation between war and religion? Why doesn’t the news emphasize that the war in the Middle East is another religious war. Through out history the most vicious violent acts against mankind have been religiously instigated and rationalized.
  2. Thanks, Jim. Smooth sailing to you:
  3. This story needs to go super viral so everyone can participate in the social and legal annihilation of every cop, judge, and politician involved.
  4. 🎯🎯🎯
  5. "Something has changed in Iowa and not for the better,” laments Neil Hamilton in his latest book, The River Knows. Just posted Larry Stone's review: #Iowa #ag #rivers #environment
  6. By Eileen Kane, Professor of History, Connecticut College and Rochelle Anne Davis, Professor of Cultural Anthropology, Georgetown University A Florida law that took effect on July 1, 2023, restricts how educators in the state’s public colleges and universities can teach about the
  7. Sunshine in a box

    Here's all I want from AI: Some genius needs to "create" Barbara Eden's voice and then sell it to Amazon, so that I can say to my Alexa device, "Jeannie, give me a weather forecast," and it will say, "Yes, Master. Today will be 68 and sunny. It will be the most beautiful day! And
  8. Yakyakyak

    Attention, sports telecasters: Unless your name is Doc Emrick, Jack Buck or Vin Scully, SHUT THE EFF UP ONCE IN A WHILE. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO TALK THROUGH THE ENTIRE EFFING EVENT. AND STOP TELLING ME THINGS I CAN SEE FOR MYSELF. New, useful information is appreciated. Babble is NOT

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