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  1. Today, Jack Smith picked apart Trump's arguments in a 29 page response to Trump’s motion to dismiss his indictment in the Mar-a-lago documents case. He opens his response by noting that Trump’s argument that the Presidential Records Act (PRA) absolves him of wrongdoing are belied
  2. This is f’ed up. These men are despicable
  3. Does anyone else prefer books with short chapters? 📕📚
  4. I just finished listening to the DC Circuit Court of Appeals arguments on Trump's immunity claim, and I have some top line takeaways. The most standout moment for me was when the court pointed out that during Trump's impeachment trial, Trump's OWN LAWYERS argued that impeachment
  5. We need a better strategy

    I'm frustrated by the Democrats strategy or lack thereof. I get pinged incessantly for donations. I'm retired, a sure vote and not the future. How are you reaching the youth, moderates and disenfranchised? Running against a dictator wanna be with dementia ought to be a no brainer
  6. know who never got thrown off a ballot? the email lady
  7. Maybe it’s just me, but when a Supreme Court Justice who is hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt starts ruling on cases beneficial to a conservative billionaire who’s bankrolling his wife’s org, paying for his “son’s” tuition & his mom’s mortgage, it seems like a red flag. 🤔
  8. By Liz Dye 🚨 PUBLIC NOTICE HOLIDAY SPECIAL🚨 Click the button below to get all our coverage through the 2024 election at a special annual rate. Public Notice holiday special Special Counsel Jack Smith put all his chips on SCOTUS this week in a play to stop Donald Trump from delayin
  9. This is it. As Congress heads home for the holidays, this bullshit impeachment inquiry is what Republicans have to show for their time in the majority. This is what they’ve done on our dimes. What a fucking joke.
  10. By JoJoFromJerz AR-15 lapel pin wearing, armed to the teeth Christmas card posing, NRA beholden Republicans refuse to do anything about guns. And frankly, it’s too fucking bad, because the American people WANT something to be done about guns. In fact, two-thirds of Americans WANT s
  11. Really scary that high level military positions could potentially be filled by Trump 😳😡
  12. After a British gunman killed 16 people in 1987, the country banned semiautomatic weapons like those he had used. It did the same with most handguns after a 1996 school shooting. It now has one of the lowest gun-related death rates in the developed world. They have mental health i
  13. A man who does this to a dying dog not only does not belong in Congress but should most assuredly burn in Hell. Anyone who cares deeply about dogs has got to be feeling the same blinding rage I am feel
  14. How do you feel about execs sending pictures of their expensive toys (yachts, jets) as holiday cards? Seems tone deaf to me. Made me roll my eyes rather than feel holiday spirit.

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