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  1. By Kate Aronoff Hardly any plastics can be recycled. You’d be forgiven for not knowing that, given how much messaging Americans receive about the convenience of recycling old bottles and food containers—from the weekly curbside collections to the “chasing arrows” markings on food
  2. Funny and insightful.
  3. As relentless rains pounded LA, the city’s “sponge” infrastructure helped gather 8.6 billion gallons of water—enough to sustain over 100,000 households for a year. By Matt Simon Earlier this month, the future fell on Los Angeles. A long band of moisture in the sky, known as an atmo
  4. By Liam Reilly and Oliver Darcy, CNN Paramount Global, the owner of broadcast and cable TV networks, announced Tuesday it will lay off hundreds of staffers as the media giant looks to reduce costs and grow revenue. The news comes just days after its CBS network saw record-breaking
  5. Think rape-pregnancies are rare? They are not. Since Row v Wade was overturned, it is estimates that over 65,000 rape-caused pregnancies occurred in states that ban abortion. This is nearly 4,100 rape-caused pregnancies per month . Texas is so bad, it's roughly as much as the next
  6. The difference between Republicans and Dems is that a Dem POTUS will not be pardoning the swamp.
  7. If you followed along with the E Jean Carroll trial coverage this past week, you’re well aware of the pitfalls of hiring incompetent lawyers. This time, it cost him $83.3 million dollars, but don’t forget, Donald Trump has a history of surrounding himself with lawyers who refuse
  8. Chill TX, you ain't going anywhere:
  9. Of course Trump would use human lives to further himself politically:
  10. #KochIsEVIL
  11. RawStory article on the various times Trump actually wanted previous presidents charged for supposed crimes. Funny how his tune has changed:
  12. Interesting thread regarding Trump voters and their motivations:
  13. The new America Where females now have to add doctors/relatives to their Do Not Trust list 😡☹️ #prochoice #mybodymychoice #womensrights #womenshealth #waronwomen #abortionishealthcare #abortion #forcedbirth #reproductiverights #roevwade #misogyny #Gilead #handmaidstale #voteblue #
  14. By Ilan Palacios Avineri / Made by History On Jan. 14, 2024, Guatemala stands on the cusp of a momentous event as Bernardo Arévalo, son of the former president Juan José Arévalo, will take office. This day is not merely the beginning of a new administration; it's a rekindling of t
  15. By Devon Hesano Ever wonder just who is behind the consistent attacks on Democracy in the courts? Look no further than a little known law group in Wisconsin. The Milwaukee-based Wisconsin Institute For Law and Liberty (WILL) is a conservative firm founded in 2011 that has filed la

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