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I'm just a soul whose intentions are good. (soul not included)

Learner, Stargazer, Godless Tea-sipper, Cat-owned Ginger, Fighting my own misanthropic nihilism.

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  1. Hunter Biden didn’t get $2 billion from the Saudis, but Jared & Ivanka sure did.
  2. Republicans in Congress wear AR-15 pins where their American flag pins used to be. Let that sink in for a moment. They pledge allegiance to a machine that slaughters children for profit — rather than the country and flag and Constitution they swore to protect.
  3. [GOP during Trump’s impeachments] we don't need to convict, let the courts handle it [GOP now] no not like that
  4. Trump, to Pence: "You're too honest."
  5. You know who else changed their logo to a big X? The Confederate States of America.
  6. My breakfast puns are getting me in trouble, the mister told me I'd butter stop or I'm toast. The kids keep egging me on. I think he's just jelly.
  7. I disagree with her on so many things, but not this.
  8. I think we should send another billionaire-laden submarine down there to shake the first one loose. All aboard, Betsy DeVos.
  9. As a Democrat, I don't mind if RFK Jr. has had gender-affirming surgeries, but I'm surprised so many conservatives are willing to overlook it.
  10. RIP Julian Sands, a remarkably talented actor who produced film’s most breaktaking kiss.
  11. “Everything I don’t like is a psyop” -Republicans
  12. I need to start using this account more. That way when the Twitter refugees show up I can be the coooool guy that shows them around
  13. We're making human sacrifices into a national policy. We're fucked
  14. Before we were married, my husband dated a professional clown, so I had some pretty big shoes to fill.
  15. This baby carrot is hugging his mama goodbye. Vegans, think of the baby carrots.
  16. When you ban books in classrooms, but not guns, you're admitting that you're more afraid of our children learning, than you're afraid of them dying.
  17. It's Saturday, right?
  18. How is there a "Liberal Media" when nearly every major US media company is owned by conservatives?

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