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  1. That's a damn good question.
  2. 😡
  3. A man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack is a cyber attack where an attacker places themselves between two communicating parties, relaying messages for them, while the parties believe they are communicating directly and securely . The attacker can then monitor and possibly change the con
  4. "Although Trump is not the first to invoke the concept of presidential immunity, he is the first to test the argument as a defense in a criminal case against a former president." A great explainer by Rachel Selzer.
  5. Executive Privilege isn't forever.
  6. #Project2025
  7. This group of fascist republicans in red states all around the country and in congress need to wiped from the face of the earth so they party can get a fresh start. They are rampantly corrupt and know only how to lie; cheat; and steal. GET RID OF THEM IN NOVEMBER!
  8. Congratulations, Mr. Johnson, we've all known you were a traitor to the country...but now we also know, much to your great satisfaction, that Russia considers you one of their own. No wonder why. After all, fake christian that you are, you are simply watching while civilian men,
  9. OMG the GOP is infected with abject scum
  10. By Amanda Musa and Jeremy Grisham, CNN Country music star Morgan Wallen was arrested in Nashville late Sunday for allegedly throwing a chair off a downtown rooftop. Wallen was arrested on three felony charges of reckless endangerment, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said i
  11. And in Florida OF COURSE JACK SMITH WON. Trump Pocket Judge Loose Cannon: Come On Aileen has not defeated Jack Smith ONCE. Not ONCE As Palmer told us, Jack Smith is not a damsel in distress! But the MEDIA need to keep YOU AFRAID, so they feed you monster stories, to scare you Jack's
  12. Truth Social Parent Company BAILED OUT By Russian-American facing CRIMINAL Probe 🤡 🇷🇺 #EXPLORE #POLITICS
  13. You might be wondering what’s kept Truth Social financially alive after so much lost revenue. Well, it turns out that a Russian-American, who was under criminal investigation has been giving Captain Caplocks loans. ES Trust is a shell company with an account at Paxum Bank, co-owne
  14. Kentucky STRIPS Power of Democratic Governor to Appoint Mitch McConnell's Successor 🥶 🤮 #EXPLORE #POLITICS
  15. We will NEVER TRUST this Court installed by Mitch and funded by Heritage Foundation. Justice at the High Court is now Political and Payback for the benefactors.
  16. In 2022 the Republican national committee under RNC chair Ronna McDaniel passed a resolution calling the Jan 6 terrorists “legitimate political discourse." They also passed a resolution denouncing Liz Cheney and Adam kinzinger for serving on Jan 6 committee. Today NBC and MSNBC h
  17. #ronnamcdaniel #TrumpRICO

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