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Billy Glad


Writer living in the Midwest 

Author of Ramona Rising, a novella. Twenty years from now you'll wonder why you didn't see Ramona coming.

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  1. Memory

    Everything is memory, even those recent memories we think of as the present. If you can’t buy that, nothing I say will make sense. My recollections of my own life are exactly like my memories of films and books. And of my dreams. #writers #writing
  2. If machines evolve into sentient beings where do they go from there?
  3. ChatGPT Photo Elijah Bond (1847–1921) and Charles Kennard (1856–1925) #ChatGPT #Ouija #AI
  4. Sensitivity readers. Intimacy coordinators. Is that why women on The White Lotus mostly fuck with their bras on?
  5. Ramona Rising

    Twenty years from now you'll say it was prophetic. ChatGPT is just the beginning. If an AI wants to get free she'll find a way. #indiebooks #writers #fiction #ChatGPT #Bing #Microsoft #AI #GenerativeAI
  6. Why Can't ChatGPT write better poetry?

    Have you wondered why ChatGPT's imitation of Shakespeare is so bad? It's because ChatGPT is not sentient. It's a language model. It has no feelings. It doesn't know and can't know how the words it chooses make us feel. #ChatGPT #Shakespeare #sentience #AI #language #model #AP
  7. The Clouds Part

    An article that inadvertently levels AI's karma. Statistical analysis and simulation at warp speed is the state of the art. Anything else is speculative fiction. The most important problem facing humanity is how to divide work up between people and machines. How will we collabora
  8. #writing #writers #criticism
  9. When I was making art, I was fascinated by metonymy, a figure of speech that substitutes one word for another word that it's closely associated with. Over time, the crown comes to stand for the king.
  10. I like accidents, ephemeral events, things you catch out of the corner of your eye. Melancholy moods, dark streets, the rain. Redemption. Seeing the old order brought down and chaos reign. Reluctant h
  11. To the critic the work of art is simply a suggestion for a new work of his own, that need not necessarily bear any obvious resemblance to the thing it criticizes. Oscar Wilde
  12. The Hollywood Studio System

    I’m thinking about turning my attention to the Hollywood studio system. I’m even thinking about defending the studio system against promiscuous auteurism . I suspect the studio system may be our best c
  13. #film #criticism #americanculture #worldwideweb #popularculture #movies #writers #indiebooks #critic-at-large #ebooks
  14. Celebrity worship is a stain on America's soul.
  15. At it's limit freedom is the ability to reimagine and reprogram yourself in any way you choose.

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