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I am a retired. I have an AS in respiratory therapy and a BA in computer science and political science. I have an MS in journalism from the University of Kansas. I worked in eastern Kansas, central Florida and St. Albans, England. I have written six books so far. I am interested in Civil War and World War II Pacific War history. I ran for the US House as a Democrat in 2018 in Florida District 17. I have been involved in Democratic politics for several years.

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  1. I had been unable to access Post for days. I searched and searched for an answer for this problem and finally found an article as to how to fix this. I even had searched online to find whether Post had been removed from the internet. I'm happy it's still here.
  2. Has anyone checked out Threads? I haven't and I don't have plans to go there. I really don't need another social media platform to watch every day.
  3. Your family probably has an LGBTQ individual in it

    In Florida, where I live, Pride marches are being cancelled in fear of what our governor and legislative supermajority are doing against the LGBTQ community. Probably most families have LGBTQ members, whether they know it or not. My uncle, a disabled US Army World War II veteran,
  4. I just noticed that Twitter is not working at present. It's good that I don't depend on it for anything useful.
  5. In Florida a person convicted of a sexual crime loses his right to vote. I realize Donald Trump was convicted in civil court. However, I wonder whether there is a precedent in Florida law in such circumstances preventing an individual from voting and running for office in Florida
  6. Ban military-style guns. Why can't we do this? Enough is enough!!!
  7. What happened to the Florida we loved?

    I have lived in Florida since 1997. I never thought Florida would have such anti-democratic laws governing it. It seems to get worse constantly. What does the rest of the country make of this?

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