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Washington Bureau Chief, Law360

Washington journalist since 1995. Former reporter at American Banker and Broadcasting & Cable, former DC bureau chief at The Deal. Univ. Tennessee and American Univ. grad. From: Memphis, Tenn.

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  1. Well Post.News friends I guess they'll be shutting us down tomorrow. If you're interested, you can follow me instead at Spoutible @BillMcConnellIV or the platform formerly known as Twitter also @BillMcConnellIV
  2. Law360's Courtney Bublé looks at what's next for Biden's remaining judicial picks after his 200th judge is confirmed.
  3. Justice Thomas' longstanding effort to undo a ruling limiting jury trial rights may soon pay off. Law360's Jeff Overley takes a look.
  4. Amid conservatives' complaints about social media censorship, Law360's Nadia Dreid looks at efforts in Ohio, Florida and Texas to label tech titans like Google and Facebook as common carriers.
  5. ​​​​​​​Challenges to new FCC net neutrality rules are coming. Law360's Chris Cole says lawsuits could include claims that the rules are arbitrary and capricious and that broadband regulation is a "major question" only Congress may address.
  6. Lisa Blatt hit a big milestone before the justices Tuesday. Law360's Katie Buehler takes a look at a lawyer known for apt metaphors and off-the-cuff hypotheticals.
  7. The justices' one-paragraph order on Idaho's ban on gender-affirming care for minors was accompanied by 34 pages mostly devoted to debate about the court's shrouded 'shadow docket,' Katie Buehler reports.
  8. Neither defense nor plaintiffs lawyers got all they wanted but a judicial panel after years to drafting finally approved the first formal rule aimed at improving efficiency and fairness in multidistrict litigation. Law360's Jeff Overley has the story.
  9. Frustrated for decades, the FCC tries to crack down on TV deals criticized for evading local ownership limits. Law360's Chris Cole has the story.
  10. Jessica Ellsworth made her Supreme Court debut Feb. 28 and argued before the justices again only a few weeks later. Law360's Jeff Overley looks at her appearances, which were quite different.
  11. DOJ Accuses Apple of smartphone monopoly. Law360's Bryan Koenig and Stewart Bishop are on the story.
  12. After years of debate, the FCC finally raised the minimum speeds broadband providers must offer to qualify for deployment subsidies. Law360's Chris Cole has the story.
  13. Fortnite's developer says Apple is still blocking payment methods outside the App Store. Law360's Matt Perlman has the story.
  14. Trump's critics fret that the justices' decision to hear his immunity claim on last day of argument will delay the election interference trial until after the 2024 contest. But Law360's Katie Buehler notes the court can issue a ruling quickly when it wants to.
  15. Metadata contained in the Supreme Court ruling allowing Trump to stay on the Colorado ballot shows the justices papered over disagreement to appear unanimous. Law360's Katie Buehler has the story.
  16. The High Court fight over Trump's immunity claim could delay Jack Smith's case well beyond the election. Law360's Katie Buehler has the story.
  17. The Supreme Court appears skeptical of allowing state laws that ban social media firms' content moderation but also seems wary of deciding just yet. Law360's Katie Buehler has the story.
  18. Netflix and Hulu again beat a Calif. city's proposed class action claiming the streamers should be like cable companies and pay franchise fees to localities. Law360's Jared Foretek has the story.
  19. The Supreme Court's liberal minority warns that pending decisions could clear the way for industry-led challenges to regulations on the books for decades. Law360's Jeff Overley has the story.
  20. Appeals court judges don't seem ready to upend the Universal Service Fund. Law360's Chris Cole has the story.

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