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Columbus OH, Catawba Is OH, Venice FL

I Am Boundless Board Chair, competitive strategy consultant based on game theory, entrepreneur, angel investor, volunteer. Retired software guy. Heart my family, Buckeyes, Blue Jackets, Soap Box Derby, and wrestling.

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  1. When the gate agent begins their delay update with, "Now remember, I am only the messenger" #upintheair
  2. I have a complex relationship with Thomas Joseph. #crosswordpuzzles
  3. Actually it's 4 degrees. Just tested and got the grill to 400, so Plan A is back on!
  4. If GoFundMe existed in 1946, George would have cleaned up! It's A Wonderful Life!
  5. Planning to grill Christmas dinner but it's going to be 15 degrees outside. Hello Plan B.
  6. All I want for Christmas is for the =IMAGE function to work in #Excel.
  7. @letterman @netflix interview of Zelensky is must watch. #Leadership in action. #Ukraine
  8. Wondering if The Four Seasons Landscaping Company will host the Former Presidents Trading Card Swap Meet? Hmmm.
  9. Leaving the Bird

    Today, my morning routine changed. Opened Post and stayed awhile before checking the Bird. Just need more local, sports and startup posters here and my world will be aligned again.
  10. Loving the #micropayment features in Post. Twitter Blue never got this far. Reminds me of early days iTunes.
  11. Has anyone here successfully embedded their post feed @feedback into their Wordpress website? Thinking I am ready to swap out my Twitter feed.
  12. CEO's should and do receive daily performance reviews from stakeholders. Its up to them to listen to those reviews. #birdapp, #votewithyourfeet
  13. The door was open so I let myself in. Sorta feels like arriving at a party early. But maybe an opportunity to learn from a whole new cast of smart folks that I never met on the crowded bird app.

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