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  1. We need a "Goodreads" for movies and TV. Why has no one done this yet? #Movies #TV
  2. Love me some amazing puns
  3. No tree here.* Just some lights and handmade stuff. As a non-affiliated Jew and pagan dabbler who tends towards Higher Power these days.... I don't worry too much about inclusive or exclusive language
  4. Dear Post., Is there way to get you into landscape mode on my tablet?
  5. Yesterday I saw a great weather map of the US meme, along the lines of "we're fucking, this is fucking cold, what the fuck" etc based on region..... anyone have that for me? Thank you and Merry Crhris
  6. Great news!
  7. The best version of Sleigh 🛷🛷 Ride" ever.... At least I think so. This version makes me really happy. #music
  8. Hi Posties!!! I have two questions on topcis. 1. Can I block a topic I have zero interest in and 2. can I add a topic? thanks and Merry Christmas everyone.
  9. A re Post.
  10. I suppose it is too much to ask for no World Cup spoilers.....some of us can't watch the game until this evening.
  11. Any tips for rebuilding my feed?

    I've found some folks though searching for them using their "old" handles but not all... Even for accounts I'm pretty sure have moved here.
  12. Posting nice pictures here seems to be a thing. Cell phone shot while Nordic skiing this other day. Say do hashtags work the same way here?
  13. Hey all need some movies to stream. No rom-coms but open to just about anything else. Thanks!!
  14. Hello Post! I'm checking things out today. My profile says it all.

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