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Relentless cautious optimist living on Jaggera and Turrbal land. Heart on sleeve, foot in mouth. Extravagant with love. Hopelessly devoted spouse and mum. Never enough minutes. Career bowerbird and mosaicist in people/music/health/education/renewables. She/her.

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  1. Additional key items: According to the Committee, at a minimum far-right activists Tom Fitton , Steve Bannon , and Roger Stone knew—apparently from their individual direct communications with Donald Trum
  2. Taking the content of this thread from the January 6th Committee (and using it as an opportunity to see what a multi-image post looks like on Post): The first criminal statute we invoke for referral i
  3. BREAKING: RASKIN: CRIMINAL REFERRALS: You tasked us to form a subcommittee to determine whether criminal referrals should be made BACKGROUND CONSIDERATION ours is NOT a system of justice where the foot
  4. NEW: Read the full 154-page text of the House Jan. 6 committee’s summary of its findings.
  5. The January 6 committee has released an introduction to its final report. It's a devastating indictment of Trump, citing him as the "central cause" of the 1/6 riot & depicting him as a conspirator who
  6. Devastating on facts. Comprehensive on the law.
  7. Elon Musk spent $44 billion to buy a platform in order to ban journalists for saying things he doesn't like. Don't ever let these cowards get away with claiming they support free speech.

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