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  1. Today’s frequent flyer rant -

    It’s a returning rant today. Make a mental note. The TSA is afraid of travel sporks. That’s it folks - billions of dollars of infrastructure just to keep us safe from rogue travel sporks.
  2. Today’s frequent flyer rant - The passenger behind me must be confused… They seem to have mistaken my chair for a trebuchet!
  3. Today’s frequent flyer rant - There is a special place in the third circle of hell for people that insist on loudly having conversations on speaker once they’ve boarded! #rant #frequentflyer #travel #speakerphone
  4. Today’s frequent flyer rant - Through a series of poor life choices, today is my first flight this year on the Devil’s Chariot (crj200), and true to form we’ve already gone mechanical. I haven’t even b
  5. Today’s frequent flyer rant - No one told me it was pajama day at the airport! #flying #rant #frequentflyer #travel
  6. Today’s frequent flyer rant - That awkward moment when the flight attendant recognizes you based on your drink order… #frequentflyer #flying #travel #rant
  7. Today’s frequent flyer rant - If you stop the moment you step off an escalator, you are part of the problem! #travel #rants #frequentflyer
  8. Today’s frequent flyer rant - These “I’m a travel writer and these are my top 15 cyber Monday buys” are crap! No one that travels professionally is bringing a coffee mug warming plate along with them on
  9. Today’s frequent flyer rant - Enough with the spinner luggage! It takes up twice the space on the concourse, has less room for your stuff, and can not handle rough terrain.
  10. A little humor for the Post community
  11. Today’s frequent flyer rant - Just don’t fly today. It’s not the day. The folks flying today have no choice, they’re tired, stressed, burnt out from family, and have no idea what they’re doing. If you
  12. Today’s frequent flyer rant - Pushing a friend through the airport in a wheelchair today. The number of clueless people that nearly crashed into us was astonishing. Two words people, situational awaren
  13. Today’s frequent flyer rant - The eye twitch you get when the damn airline splits your PNR to upgrade one of your two person group to first.

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