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Christian, Software Engineer, focussing of theology and medicine software and services

Ex-twitter users trying to do my best to do my bit to make the world a better place one day at a time. I am man of Integrity. Ethical and Moral value and quality of character is what matter to me most

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  1. MOVEit Vulnerability Impact: Over 500 Organizations, 34M+ Individuals and Counting

    Always make sure you have proper hardware and software protection against zero-day Ransomware! Standard protection will not stop these kind of malware (well, perhaps, with limited success). Remember: The days where you install some security suite, or, "set and forget" is over. Pe
  2. Microblogging Platform Controversy

    Preliminary findings using Twitter, Facebook and Mastodon. We have throughout the course of a few months used several microblogging platforms and what we find which is very interesting is that when we did a study by uploading one video clip on all three of them and this video cont
  3. The Threat of Instagram Threads

    I am not one to tell someone not to use Meta products but I keep tabs on all things related to privacy and security. Specifically after the The Cambridge Analytica issue Various and ongoing data breaches Draconian policies which took center stage when WhatsApp users had to accept t
  4. The best way for internet users to protect themselves againsts tracking, possible privacy and safety breaches are to use the following tools: Browsing, make use of Brave Browser, which is similar to Chrome and in that it uses the Chromium engine. It blocks tracking, privacy breach
  5. Just my opinion on this opinion.

    Vital information, this person did well done opinion piece, which is, rather factual, the sources to back his claims are not hard to find, I commented in the post and for me it came down to two options, I elected Post.News for reason I mention in said comment.
  6. Sometimes the truth is revealed in unexpected ways

    While working as I develop software that is used globally in comment sections of video sites and forums since musk is from South Africa like myself, I did not realize how much hatred toward this country there was. However so be it, I and many living here see the USA as sort of th

    Troubles are stacking up at twitter and it is only getting worse. Some of the critical failures that may have an inevitable consequences are as such Claiming the rate limations are ALL as result of a an increase in bot activity, scraping etc, where the real reasons are Musk delayin
  8. I try never to Post things from Twitter here, but the Dictionary trolling Elon is 🔥🔥🔥 #MerriamWebster
  9. Twitter - A short but exhaustive summary and a prelude to to why what is happening now was inevitable

    This deserves its own post What people must understand, even though musk purchased his plaything, he use tesla shareholder capital to finalize the purchase, they call the shot he needs to make the platform profitable meaning, free users will be severly restricted. See he said "he w
  10. Hi Posters, new, returning, and OG I would like to welcome you to Post and explain what we are trying to do here. We are trying to build a place where an idea can have more than 280 characters and debate is more than “You’re a Communist, You're a Fascist”. We want a place where yo
  11. Never did a repost so thought I will give it a go on what I deem an important post is, hope I am doing it correct. Still learning
  12. An ex-twitter user but a new opportunity

    #Twitter became such a toxic space I had to move away from it. Primarily because Musk who claim to be a free speech absolutist seems more like the opposite The hatred on that platform is mindblowing Everyday it is something new, be it words that one no longer allowed to say, limitat
  13. Some epic motivation for the day. #Motivating #Inspired #epic #TogetherThroughLife #BeTheChange
  14. Many people I come across have wrong depiction what the Biblical narrative has to say about Angels. Many have them as looking like humans with withing but that is not true. Neither is true that there is only one class of Angels, which is also not. #Angels #Demons #bible #scripture
  15. BibleX

    In a world that is so polarized, we believe that, more now then ever before it is time to bring back religion, doing away with stigma and allowing people powerful tools to one again enjoy and understand the biblical narrative in a vastly more powerful way. You can learn more and e
  16. This is a bit old but still relevant I remember when it all started and everyone told me to get the jab but I refused because... #covidisnotover #VaccineGenocide

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