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  1. Was fortunate enough to be able to attend the Tracy Lawrence show at the Pensacola Saenger Theater last night. Great show with great music.
  2. Carl helped me hang a ceiling fan today. Not sure if I would be done yet without his help.
  3. Coffee and quiet this morning. I appreciate the silence when I can get it.
  4. Coffee, Warcraft, and Blue October
  5. 😍😍😍 #USF #GoBulls 🤘🏼
  6. One thing I really like about my department at Purdue is the gatherings and friendly get togethers we have. In February, we are having a "Souper Bowl" where all are invited to come to campus and enjoy
  7. Early morning movie viewing #ThePrinciple #80s #80sMovie
  8. Don't fret if your comment and replies don't immediately appear. They are taking a little longer to display on posts right now. Take a breath and try refreshing a few minutes later. As @noam mentioned
  9. Living out in the sticks has being way behind the curve on delivery of normal stuff. Today, I setup for some weed delivery from #Trulieve . Delivery window: Sunday 8am-7pm. Dang. Let
  10. First post. My pupper, Jack. #PetsofPost
  11. Winter scenes.
  12. Good morning all! Hope your day is awesome!
  13. My office mate is really not meeting productivity goals today…
  14. #DogsofPost #Postplaces #HikingNL Cooling off...Corner Brook Stream Trail, NL
  15. One of my favorites of Jackson. Pre-surgery so he has that wonderful chin. I am so lucky to have him and am thankful every day. #dogsofpost
  16. morning walk
  17. This shade of morning saying hello and making me happy. #sunrise #nofilter
  18. Ice Glyphs #ice #glyphs #winter #messages
  19. Good morning all my fellow Post. peeps!
  20. Strasbourg in 2009.

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