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Favorite quote from Elijiah Cummings: Stay true to your principles. If you stay true to your principles, it will be your north star and you'll never get lost."

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  1. Alexandra Petri of WAPO knocks it out of the park. Gifted article.
  2. Sad and brutally honest. 😢 Gifted article.
  3. Graphic warning alert but sanitizing the out-of-control gun violence in this country isn't ever going to work. Gifted article.
  4. Madam President is absolutely right!
  5. if you're shitting bricks because Joe Biden weekends in Delaware, just wait until you hear about the guy who gouged the secret service a thousand bucks a night for rooms while spending a quarter of his presidency goofing off at his for-profit vermin-infested shithole golf motel
  6. By: Eric Garcia President Joe Biden reassured Americans that the nation’s banking system is safe after Silicon Valley Bank collapsed last week and said there would be accountability for financial executives. The president’s actions come after the Treasury Department, the Federal Re
  7. That is my fondest wish.
  8. An important read from historian Heather Cox Richardson.
  9. Whoa. Ari Melber is grilling Gaetz on his request for a pardon, which he just denied ON THE AIR that he ever asked for, with testimony from Hershmann, Cassidy and others. YIKES.
  10. Wow wow wow. Matt Gaetz should not have done this without a lawyer. Or done it at all. He just confessed to prior knowledge of the insurrection during a meeting at the White House and said there could be "technical violations" of federal law.
  11. Anyone fighting the urge to obsessively check for the next #PostDrop after seeing tantalizing posts from @noam and @janete ? Just added this new gif ; feel free to use. Alt text: Little blue guy dancing
  12. A bit of levity for hump day. Gifted article. 😊
  13. They (Russia) is full of
  14. Excellent news! 👏👏👏👏👏
  15. The 20 MAGAs seeking to keep the House from functioning on January 3-4, 2023 are—almost to a one—insurrectionists. Many of them helped plan the attack on the U.S. Capitol two years ago. That’s right: t

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