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Retired kindergarten/ first grade teacher

Northern California

I'm a mom to 2,grandma to 3 and have been married for 52 years! I love crafting, crocheting and fighting for human rights. Proud Democrat. Biden/Harris 2024

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  1. One more thing before I leave. Over 20 yrs ago, my former kindergarten student said these wise words to Me. I want to share them with all of you. " Mrs. L, Always look up because you can't see rainbows looking down. " I hope all your days are filled with rainbows 🌈 Thank you Heath
  2. Letβ€˜s dance!!
  3. Thank You,Post

    2 yrs ago, I was banned from Twitter. I found Post and landed here. πŸ’ I've enjoyed the connections I've made, the wise words I've read and the joy I've experienced since being here. I'm grateful to all my followers and their contributions that were wise, wonderful and often times, t
  4. YES! YELL, scream, shout and make #goodtrouble to SAVE our #democracy 🌟 πŸ—³οΈ
  5. Sharing some beauty in the world. Blossoms on our pomegranate tree. 🌟 😊
  6. Yes. πŸ’ "Once a teacher, always a teacher." 🌟 πŸ’«
  7. Sigh...been waiting since 2016. Please, please vote for #BidenHarris for #democracy #peace 🌟 🫢 ✌️
  8. President Biden inherited a MAGA disaster. He is the President we needed and still need. 🌟 πŸ’™ 🌟 πŸ’™ 🌟 πŸ’™ 🌟 πŸ’™ 🌟 πŸ’
  9. In 1979, Saddam Hussein called out the names of his political opponents in front of a room full of hundreds of people, and each individual was led out to be murdered by firing squad. The scene was terrifying. The remaining members, plainly terrified, began screaming boisterous fea
  10. President Biden. 🌟 πŸ’™ πŸ’« πŸ’™
  11. I learned this phrase from someone on twitter so many yrs ago..."Hope is a Superpower!" So, here's to Hoping that Post can continue. 🌟 πŸ’™
  12. I'll be here until it's gone. πŸ˜’ I'm also now on BlueSky Hope to see some familiar posters. πŸ’ž 🌟
  13. Still Fighting For Democracy

    I wish this could be placed on a billboard and made into commercials. #PresidentBiden and #KamalaHarris are still fighting for #Democracy And for the #SoulOfOurNation 🌟 πŸ’« ❀️ 🀍 πŸ’™
  14. This "preachy female" agrees with Lola Gayle.. "Fuck you very much,Carville" 🀬
  15. Say NO to liar Ronna McDaniel!
  16. Yes! #FiredUpReadyToGo πŸ’™ πŸ’« 🌊
  17. Yes! It was the best feeling. I was dancing and smiling too! 🌊 πŸ’« 😊 πŸ’ƒ πŸ’™ #LetsDoItAgain #DancingInTheStreet #votebluealltheway

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