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β€œI’m proud of my wounds” NP

True Blue Democrat. Rep Pelosi, President Biden, MVP, HRC, PBO, Future Speaker Jeffries, are my guiding lights. Nana, quilter, reader 🌍🌏🌎🎠🌁πŸͺπŸ›πŸŒ΄

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  1. #SOTU2023 Haaahaa. WELL PLAYED MR PRESIDENT!! Social Security is off the table. Glad we all agree then! My god Joe. Experience & wisdom of the years is on display tonight. Well done, Sir.
  2. This is not the speech of a struggling or politically weak president. This is the speech of a president who continuously makes those who despise him look like idiots via a steady bombardment of unexpected, relentless winning.
  3. President Biden is on fire tonight! Great State of the Union speech thus far. Sleepy Joe, my buns.
  4. Dr Jill is killing it in red violet🀩πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  5. Biden is doing a great job tonight with the State of the Union. I am really sick of people acting like we have a 100% inflation like Venezuela. Our inflation rate is 7%. A plane ticket that use to cost $500 should be $535 after inflation. Anything else is price gauging by the cor
  6. Qevin started twitching after Joe’s Social Security hitπŸ˜‚
  7. For Washington Square Review’s Winter 2022/2023 double issue, I wrote about the ritual of playing Scrabble and mahjong with my parents and the seasons of change, growth and decay in a family facing illness.
  8. #PostMusic #ArethaFranklin #ReverendJamesCleveland #MusicInFilms #Documentary #BlackPost 'Amazing Grace' is amazing film that documents the recording a truly amazing album by an artist so, so, so amazing, Aretha Franklin. Yes it's a gospel album recorded as part of church service
  9. Our media is killing us. Complete and total failure to present facts to the population. Listen to them and the sky is falling. Reality and data look very different.
  10. In today's Morning Memo ... ( Subscribe here !) It turns out Bill Barr and John Durham were sipping scotch as they burned down Main Justice. Extraordinary new reporting from the New York Times peels back m
  11. #Holocaust BlackPost #HolocaustRemembranceDay #BlackHistory
  12. Gabrielle Union drops some serious truth with passion about the gigantic and tragic epidemic of missing, murdered, and sexually traffiked Black and Brown(including Native) girls – and their adultifica
  13. #Missing #Child
  14. Today, my Governor showed other politicians what leadership looks like, in my opinion. I listened to this twice. I suggest you give it a careful listen. He says β€˜I’m processing’. Yes. How does anyo
  15. #History #BlackPost #BlackMassacres - #Holocaust
  16. 988 suicide lifeline sees big boost in calls its first months: #Health #News #MentalHealth
  17. Fascinating and moving to learn a β€˜bit’ of the stories behind some of the actors in smaller parts; they brought real emotion to this masterpiece of film.

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