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Beth Knobel PhD


Journalism professor. Russia hand. CBS News alum. Knowledge is good.

New York, NY

Professor at Fordham University in NYC, mom, journalist, author, and 3rd Dan in Taekwondo. Former Moscow Bureau Chief for CBS News. Think a lot about Russia and the state of American journalism. Aspire to be Fordham's coolest prof, but fail badly. Also: Columbia Daily Spectator, Overseas Press Club of America, Writers' Guild of America East, Fordham Ram, AEJMC.

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  1. Harvard's new president!

    Way to go, alma mater! A woman of color who's also an extraordinary scholar and administrator will be the new president of Harvard University. I see words on social like "brilliant" and "kind" to desc
  2. NYT & Russian tv propaganda

    NYT expose today on Russian tv coverage of Ukraine War. Massive disinformation has been going on for years on Russian tv. I’m just one of the scholars who’ve written about it. The propaganda just got
  3. Putin cancelled his annual presser

    I always hated going to Putin's Xmastime presser, because it featured hours & hours (four at least) of softball questions by local journalists from all over Russia. They all had to ask about their tow
  4. Hi Post.News world! I hope this will be a place to share information and opinions in a respectful space.

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