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Liberal Democrat With A Touch of Snark!

York PA

Huge Steelers Fan! Snarky Liberal Democrat! LGBTQ ally, Feminist, Pro-Choice, Sober 10/22/21. Snarky ray of sunshine! I swear a lot too

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  1. Elon was like hey let’s not pay the bills we’ll be fine! Google and Amazon like hell no you’re done! Result: twitter is malfunctioning! Way to go Elon you f*ckin imbecile
  2. Orange Mussolini Fucked Around and Found Out! Happy Indictment Day
  3. R's pitching a fit about Discover Card deciding to track gun purchases. Of course they already track a variety of spending categories, but I guess denying criminals the right to conceal their gun purchases as a bridge too far for these fools.
  4. Nailed it
  5. Hahahaha
  6. So this Nazi brought the fentanyl not immigrants. Try telling the GOP that
  7. 😂😂😂
  8. DAYUM
  9. WTAF?
  10. We have a guy who has 11 aliases and counting in congress. Something has to give. Who the fuck has 11 aliases?
  11. I hope y’all have a happy new year! 2022 can now exit the premise. 😂😂😂
  12. This whole George Santos scandal keeps getting better! He’s registered in 2 states to vote. He ran in NY but did not vote in NY. He voted in Florida. He also paid for January 6th and was apart of it.
  13. Aaron for the win
  14. 🤣🤣🤣
  15. Kevin McCarthy said the upcoming Republican congress has the biggest Jewish base. Republican Jewish Coalition says hold my beer: one of these supposed Jewish representatives is not Jewish at all. Oops
  16. Aha! It’s the Russians!
  17. Adam has had enough of her bullshit
  18. Brrrrr
  19. Zelensky: "We'll celebrate Christmas. And even if there is no electricity, we do not complain. We Ukrainians will go through this war with dignity and success. We will celebrate Christmas and even if
  20. Thank you President Biden! As a Steelers fan this hurts really hard now

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