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  1. Querying Again!

    Racing headlong into the query battle again today! Here's to all of us out here willing to take these punches and keep going. #AmQuerying #Writers #Horror #sasquatch
  2. Today's the day! My favorite story ever is published! Like tree-climbing dogs, bedroom demons, swamp gators, and revenge? Then you'll love How I Cured My Depression.
  3. I don't think I'll ever stop freaking out at photos of multiple people standing next to each other unmasked.
  4. Planned on working on my WIP today BUT THERE'S A DOG SHOW ON.
  5. Sent off my final submission of the year. Let's hope it finds a home in 2023! #writing #horror
  6. God bless Greta.
  7. Hail Cheese

    Remembering the weirdest thing that happened this year. I was home alone, heard a huge thud and found this object on my patio table. It was a hunk of cheese. Falling cheese. How did it get there? I li
  8. Essential Christmas classic.
  9. Wondering if I should submit something to The Dark to see if they'll reject me on Christmas Day. #writers #horror
  10. Happy Merry!

    Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate. Everyone has done an incredible job getting through another year despite the knee-deep bullshit. Cheers and here's to a prosperous 2023.
  11. Puttin' on my solstice pants. Gonna be a long, dark night.
  12. Unwrap a Jump Scare

    Christmas isn't for everyone. Some of us like to spend our holiday season wishing it was Halloween. If that's you, take a gander at Halloween Horrors on Amazon, where you'll find my story "The Arboris
  13. Happy Solstice to all who celebrate. May the darkness overtake you in all the best ways.
  14. What's everyone working on today? Tell me about your WIPs! #writers
  15. Wrapped up the first draft of my Sasquatch horror novella! Now onto the short story that's been wanting to claw its way out for a few weeks now. #writers #horror #weird #sasquatch
  16. This is a great list! And I am so happy to have been included. Thank you for the callout, @bookshop.
  17. Writer Group

    Hey, #writers! Looking for motivated writers of any genre interested in joining an established group where we read, comment, and help each other find publishing opportunities. Hit me up if you want to
  18. So we're all going to call posts on Post dohickies, right? Example: "Did you see Bethany's dohicky where she said that we should call Post posts dohickies?"
  19. Will someone smarter than I please explain why anyone has a problem with rail workers getting paid sick days? Makes no sense to me.
  20. If I never see the word "dohicky" again it will be too soon.

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