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Colorado grown, registered nurse, dancer, reader, researcher, master of English lit, and PhD in mythology and depth psychology. Rogue grandma.

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  1. With Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene getting all the attention, it is important to remember that Ted Cruz is an asshole too.
  2. TL;DR: A wide range of online courses from the University of Michigan are available to take for free on edX. Another week, another batch of free online courses from one of the most respected educational institutions in the world. We've already made stops at MIT , Stanford , and Harv
  3. Absolute perfection as always 🔥
  4. Why the Short-Lived Calvin and Hobbes Is Still One of the Most Beloved & Influential Comic Strips
  5. Dear Magas: If you’re complaining that the judge is “stopping TFG from going to his son’s graduation”, which is not true, please ask all his kids to post pictures of them with their daddy at their graduation. I’ll be waiting….
  6. Clarence Thomas does whatever he wants because he knows that the “Federalist Society” fucks will protect him. Same thing with Bill Barr. Folks keep ignoring their roll in the DOJ, Courts and Prosecutions or a lack there of. From Mueller investigation, to Jan. 6th insurrection and
  7. By Martin Fornusek Ukraine registers almost 37,000 people who are considered missing, including children, other civilians, and military personnel, Ukraine's Chief Ombudsman Dmytro Lubinets said on April 16. Kyiv has also verified about 1,700 people who were illegally deta
  8. Good morning ☕ Bill Opus Day-O Barr has been weaponizing the DoJ since Reagan. Barr has allowed many crimes to disappear by perverting the course of justice. Barr shut down any actions the SDNY were pursuing against TFG. He’s the reason why TFG, Mike Flynn and Stone are still aro
  9. Got to love Jon Stewart. 😎
  10. Don Snoreleone.
  11. By Karen Jowers Leila Rojas loves school. Since she became one of the first 4-year-olds enrolled in the Defense Department’s free universal preschool program, which launched last year at M.C. Perry Primary School at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni in Japan, Leila is thriving acade
  12. My niece Hannah giving her speech to the Cherokee Nation chief and council as part of the trail of tears bike riders. Her grandmother made her ribbon dress and she had to present her speech in Cherokee language then English
  13. Hundreds of Wonderful Japanese Firework Designs from the Early-1900s: Digitized and Free to Download
  14. With its annual list of most endangered rivers, American Rivers asks the public to find creative solutions to protect rivers in 11 states. By Dinah Voyles Pulver, USA TODAY Water scarcity, overuse and development are among the reasons why 10 waterways across the nation were ranked
  15. People in the Middle Ages Slept Not Once But Twice Each Night: How This Lost Practice Was Rediscovered
  16. By Yinka Adegoke The Facts Know More x 💡 What’s the simplest way to explain what Anka is today? Etsy + PayPal + Shopify + Shipping = ANKA. It is the all-in-one SaaS for any business that wants to sell African products or services across borders. The mission is to help entrepreneurs
  17. The civil war has now killed more than 14,000 and displaced millions, as aid groups see the need outstripping food and funding. By Chris Kenning, USA TODAY One year ago, Marwa Ahmed Alrohima Mohammed was pregnant and treating patients at a hospital in the Sudanese capital of Kharto
  18. BC formally recognizes Haida Nation’s Aboriginal title to Haida Gwaii #Indigenous #Aboriginal #NativeAmerican #HaidaGwaii #Canada 🇨🇦
  19. "We are not all in the same 'boat'. We are all in the same 'storm' some have yachts some have canoes and some are 'drowning' just be kind and help when you can" #kindness
  20. By Adam Kinzinger And so it begins, at last. On Monday, jury selection will commence in the trial of Donald Trump, marking a historic moment as he becomes the first president, current or former, to face criminal charges. Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg has leveled 34 feloni

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