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Fan of culture, cooking, and corgis. User of semicolons and the oxford comma.

I write about stuff that interests me, do things that entertain me, and try to be kind and help others. I like: vegan food, art, wine, corgis, travel, dance, theater, nature, yoga, smart people, stimulating conversation, occasional indulgences, hanging out with friends, learning, and real books. I dislike: hypocrites, cruelty, bullies, bombast, and bores. Loving life in the Berkshires.

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  1. Am I alone in thinking that Pence planted the docs in his own home in a desperate attempt to appear relevant?
  2. George Santos, such a drag. And what a drag it is that the Repugnicants in Congress are such hypocrites.
  3. I love Jacinda, but I think her resignation is just about the most Millennial move ever.
  4. Spelling Bee fans: Can we talk about "vegan," "veggie," and "gavage" being in the same puzzle?
  5. Monday morning vibe. Our corgi Pericles did a lot of hiking in the Berkshires this weekend, over the hilltops and through the woods. A little bit of rest today and he'll be back in puppy form, raring t
  6. No mo Noma.
  7. The Hellish soundscape running through Kevin McCarthy's head right now.
  8. The Repugnicant party is an udderless ship of fools, adrift in an ocean of lies, bigotry, grifters, and conspiracies.
  9. This Santos dude just can't stop himself from lying!
  10. Dear Kat Cammack, Repugnicant of Florida: Well, girl, you sure look mighty pleased with yourself, and amused by your own comments as you nominated Kevin McCarthy for a sixth round of voting in which,
  11. As they say, politics makes strange bedfellows. From New York Times live coverage of the Speaker of the House voting round 5: George Santos was just in the back of the House chamber, talking with Matt
  12. Dear Kevin: (again with the Hamilton )
  13. From today's New York Times, re Congress voting for Speaker of the House. And I thought Santos was out of the closet. After a lot of scrutiny on his sitting alone yesterday, George Santos has spent mos
  14. Dear Kevin:
  15. I can't be the only person thinking Kevin McCarthy looks like a coked-up used car salesman.
  16. Our corgi Pericles wishes you a wonderful new year. And how could it not mb with cuteness like this in the world.
  17. Wondering who Barbara Walters will interview first in the afterlife: Pele, the past Pope, or the just-passed Pointer sister Anita.
  18. You know it's getting bad when you start seeing mask ads in your feed again. Stay safe, mask up in public, and boost your vax!

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