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Computer Engineer

Freiburg im Breisgau, Deutschl

Hello! I am a photography enthusiast πŸ“· and coding is a part of my life πŸ’». I enjoy camping in nature ⛺️, supporting social activism ✊, and reading J.R.R. Tolkien's books πŸ“š. Additionally, watching scientific documentaries πŸŽ₯ is also an important interest of mine. Let's contribute to the growth of the Post app together and make the world a better place.

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  1. Remember, even in the depths of solitude, you are never truly alone. Fear not the embrace of solitude, for within it lies the opportunity for self-discovery and growth. Sending you my warmest wishes. #photography #loneliness Photo Credit: Pascal Claivaz
  2. Sending some blooming beauty your way! 🌺 May this lovely flower brighten your day and bring you joy. Remember to stop and appreciate the beauty around you! #FlowerPower #photograghy Photo Credit: Alexander Mass
  3. Amidst the chaotic cadence of life, a gentle reminder emerges: Do not forget the art of rest. In the pursuit of dreams and ambitions, it's easy to overlook the rejuvenating power of simply pausing. Embrace the tranquility that awaits in those quiet moments, for it is within the s
  4. Believing in the arrival of beautiful days is like planting the seed of hope in a garden. Each confident thought prepares the soil for the germination of future happiness and success 🌻
  5. Ok let's smile πŸ™ƒ #Pets #Dogs
  6. This is a picture of hope. Hope that the sun will always rise and shine on us. Hope that the earth will always provide us with beauty and nourishment. Hope that we will always find joy and peace in nature. Hope that we will always be grateful and respectful of the gifts we have.
  7. Time is precious, they say But do we really live that way? Do we cherish every moment Or waste it with regret and lament? Time is a gift, they tell But do we use it well? Do we make the most of each day Or let it slip away? Time is fleeting, they warn But do we heed or scorn? Do we seize t
  8. In the majesty of the moon, dreams come alive. #PhotoGraphy
  9. Twitter's recent implementation of a post reading limit, requiring a verified blue checkmark to access more than 800 posts, is an unnecessary and frustrating restriction. This limit undermines Twitter's inclusive nature and hampers the free flow of information. It creates a hierar
  10. Hello dear followers, It's been a while since I last posted on Post app, and I truly miss all of you. Today, I wanted to take a step forward to revive those wonderful memories and interactions we had. I can't help but think of you all and wonder how you've been. How are you? Sincer
  11. Flowers, while serving as a source of livelihood for some of us πŸ–€ #photography
  12. Hello everyone! I came across a captivating picture that instantly caught my attention. It represents the cherished dream I hold for my future. Imagine a cozy little house tucked away amidst majestic mountains, surrounded by lush greenery as far as the eye can see. However, my in
  13. Dear @noam and Entire Post Family, Embrace the future of connection and expression with Post! In a world where technology continues to shape our lives, we have the opportunity to create a platform that fosters freedom, equality, and beauty. Let's co
  14. It seems like this cat has a date. I hope it goes well :) #photography
  15. Let's use our imagination and pretend like we're actually there ! Close your eyes and let's envision it together: Here we are, inside the tent. It's freezing outside, but it's so great that we're gathered in our warm tent, isn't it? Let's huddle up tight in this cold weather and w
  16. Illuminate the night, shine in the heart of the city. Despite the challenges of life, never lose the light within you. Even in darkness, you can shine and illuminate the world. #photography #CityOfLights #ShiningDreams
  17. When we sit around the campfire , we become enchanted by the magic of nature. The shimmering stars in the sky, the whisper of the wind, the songs of the birds... All of them create a world that draws us in. However, perhaps the best moments are the silent ones we share with the pe
  18. We're just a little bit away from the Post mobile app ⏳
  19. Children, believe, believe, children, We will see beautiful days, sunny days, We will ride our motors to the blue horizons, We will see beautiful days, sunny days.
  20. The sky enchants us with its infinity, while moving as if dancing together with the moon. The blue of the sky brings peace, while the white light of the moon warms our hearts. Even when the sky is sometimes covered with clouds, the moon still shines and gives us hope. The sky and

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