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Editor of The Banter Newsletter, contributor to The Daily Beast.

thebanter.substack.comEditor of The Banter Newsletter, contributor to The Daily Beast. Brit in Washington DC.

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  1. Give Till It Kills: Overcoming Trump Donor Fatigue

    by Rich Herschlag The Trump campaign and Donald Trump himself have always taken great pride in compelling supporters of modest means to part with dollars they barely have. From Save America to Trump University, the 45th President makes no apologies for lining his pockets with cold
  2. The Arizona Abortion Ban Is 100 Percent About Donald Trump

    by Bob Cesca WASHINGTON, DC – By now you’re probably aware of the Arizona Supreme Court’s decision to reinstate an archaic 1864 law criminalizing abortion, with the life of the mother as the token exception. The ruling supersedes the 15-week ban passed by former Republican governo
  3. The Delusions Of Tulsi Gabbard

    by Ben Cohen In a recent conversation with podcaster Lex Fridman, former Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard claimed that the federal government has been threatening free speech at the behest of the Democratic Party. Here’s what Gabbard had to say: When you look at Elon Musk, for example, w
  4. Are Republicans Watching The Senate Slip Away?

    by Justin Rosario There’s nothing I enjoy more than seeing Republicans shoot themselves in the foot. Or, in this case, the elbow. If you don’t already know where this is going, that will be a lot funnier in a minute, I promise. Trump is starting to sag in the polls. You wouldn’t ne
  5. F**king Mondays: Fox News's Solar Migrants, This Is Not Liberalism, And Trump Screws Up Abortion Statement

    By Ben Cohen NOTE: This was published several hours ago, but due to a glitch at Substack it was never sent out via email. You might receive another version of this article tomorrow so please accept our apologies in advance! - Ben Welcome to another edition of “F**king Mondays!” In
  6. F**king Mondays: Fox News's Solar Migrants, This Is Not Liberalism, And Trump Screws Up Abortion Statement

    By Ben Cohen Welcome to another edition of “F**king Mondays!” In the roundup today: Fox News covers the eclipse. Sort of… Fox News presenters have apparently been given the memo to insert the southern border migrant crisis into every story they cover. This makes sense given they are
  7. Truth Social Collapses, Israel's Disaster, Scary Project 2025 Update, And The GOP Loses Florida?

    By Ben Cohen In the show today: Israel kills 7 volunteer workers in air strike. We talk Project 2025, the not so secret MAGA plan building the framework to let Trump remain president for life. Did the GOP just lose Florida? We have a “Bat Shit Crazy” of the week over the eclipse,
  8. When It Comes To Trump, Always Assume The Worst

    by Bob Cesca WASHINGTON, DC – This week, Juan Merchan, the judge presiding over Donald Trump’s criminal trial for election interference, finally realized what this monster is all about. After the judge issued a gag order, limiting what Trump is allowed to say publicly about the co
  9. A Traitor In Our Midst

    We make men without chests and expect of them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honour and are shocked to find traitors in our midst. —C.S. Lewis by Ben Cohen Yesterday, Justin Rosario excoriated Matt Taibbi for his astonishing assertion that Trump and the GOP wields no institution
  10. Matt Taibbi Finally Goes Full MAGA

    by Justin Rosario Matt Taibbi has, at long last, dropped the pretense and chosen a side. That side being the GOP. He won’t say that, of course. He’s an “independent.” But when you spend years being anti-anti-Republican and then unambiguously say out loud that Democrats are the rea
  11. F**king Mondays: Health Bro Bill, Trump's Easter Message, And Texas Is Cooking

    By Ben Cohen It’s that time of the week again, and another edition of “F**king Mondays”! In the round up today: Bill Maher, infectious disease expert I’m all ears when Bill Maher opines on politics or social issues. He’s funny, insightful and more often than not, right. He eviscerat
  12. Trump's $60 Bible, Baltimore Bridge Conspiracies And A Warning For Republicans

    By Ben Cohen In the show today: committed Christian Donald Trump is hawking $60 bibles, we talk the Baltimore Bridge collapse and the ensuing conspiracy theories, Trump games the legal system, then a revealing story about abortion in Alabama the warning it represents for Republica
  13. Dear Republicans: I’m Glad I’m Not You

    by Rich Herschlag My B12 and white blood cell count are low. My low density cholesterol is high. I have a traffic court hearing a hundred miles away ten months from now to keep points off my license. I am a New York Giants fan. I have a molar implant going in next month. Things ar
  14. A Tale Of Two Legal Systems

    by Bob Cesca WASHINGTON, DC – George Floyd was arrested and executed within about nine minutes. Eric Garner was executed by chokehold for allegedly selling cigarettes. Just about every Black American is familiar with our two-tiered system of justice: one for wealthy white men and
  15. The Ronna McDaniel Sh*t Show

    by Ben Cohen The hiring and firing of former RNC chair Ronna McDaniel from NBC News has highlighted the worst aspects the corporate news media in America. As a general rule, I do not watch television news. I view the corporate media system in America as being fundamentally broken,
  16. The Era Of Affordable Global Mass Killing Is Here

    by Justin Rosario There are days I seriously want to give myself a lobotomy and never ever think about the future again. That way, I can never ever again be right about things I desperately want to be wrong about. Take, for instance, weaponized drones. This will be the fourth time
  17. F**king Mondays: The Russia Blame Game, Bill Maher's Rant, And Tucker's Racial "Journalism"

    By Ben Cohen Welcome to another edition of our “F**king Mondays” column! In the round up today: The Russia blame game The tragic terror attacks in the Crocus city hall in Moscow over the weekend have set off a frenzy of conspiracy theories across the political spectrum. The major th
  18. Trump's Russian Asset, Biden's Cash Bonanza, And Texas's Terrifying New Law

    By Ben Cohen In the show today: Biden is rolling in money and Trump is… not….Trump is also hiring known Russian agent Paul Manafort to his campaign, because what could go wrong? Trump is threatening violence again, the supreme court is letting Texas persecute minorities, we have o
  19. Emergency Meeting: Ben’s Revenge (Twitter Files Edition!)

    By Ben Cohen According to journalists Matt Taibbi and Jake Shellenberger, Elon Musk’s Twitter Files story blew the lid off a huge conspiracy between Big Tech and the government. In The Emergency Meeting Podcast, we talk about the Supreme Court’s reaction to two cases on Big Tech’s
  20. Always Assume The Worst With Trump

    by Bob Cesca WASHINGTON, DC – I haven’t seen a Red Hat swarm like this in years, and I get the distinct sense that they all wish he hadn’t said what he said. In case you’ve been off-planet this week, during a rally in Ohio Donald Trump warned about “ a bloodbath for the country ” if

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