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Sheryl aka Belle [Twitter RP, name stuck =)], 59, 🐇🐉 Enrolled Ts’ymsen from SE Alaska married to a Dine man, two grown sons, grandchildren who Hubby and I adore, and two rescue dogs who rule and give so much unconditional love. Also, ©posts. Fllw/RTs ≠ endrsmnt, akandi gyidigaat💚, love watching movies, and reading books with my ears now since age as caught up somewhat with my eyes. , , INFJ. Subject to frequent change .

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  1. By @marcelias As another acrimonious U.S. Supreme Court term ended, Chief Justice John Roberts wanted the last word. In the penultimate paragraph of the last announced decision — in which a conservative 6-3 majority struck down President Joe Biden’s loa
  2. Conservative lawmakers and right-wing pundits have increasingly tried to blame mass shootings on trans people or spread conspiracy theories started on far-right websites that shootings suspects are trans.
  3. L.A. mayor ousts Native American DWP commissioner; Indigenous groups outraged
  4. Former chair of Ohio Republican Party sentenced to 5 years in prison for role in racketeering conspiracy CINCINNATI – Former Ohio Republican Party chair Mathew Borges, 51, of Bexley, Ohio, was sentenced in federal court today to 60 months in prison for participating in a racketeer
  5. U.S. senator Josh Hawley's wife is senior counsel for ADF, The Southern Poverty Law has labeled ADF as a hate group for their anti-LGBTQ ideology.
  6. So forgiving PPP loans is capitalism — but forgiving student loans is socialism? And didn’t Brett Kavanaugh get his own loans forgiven?
  7. Rules 59 and 60 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure allow for the reopening of litigation based on newly discovered facts — or the fraud or misrepresentation of a litigant. The 303 case MUST be reopened for further review — until the truth is 100% revealed.
  8. So a fake company by a fake plaintiff, represented by the wife of a fake senator who doesn’t live in the state he claims to represent, got fake justices to issue a fake opinion that will cause REAL discriminatory harm to millions of Americans? Got it.
  9. Déjà News: Bagman Bonus Episode: Indictment Edition-Rachel Maddow

    #SpotifyPodcast In 1973, in the throes of the Watergate scandal, three young federal prosecutors uncovered a separate criminal scheme being run inside the White House — the sitting vice president, Spiro Agnew, was taking envelopes stuffed with cash in exchange for official acts a
  10. FOLLOW BACK FOR THE FOURTH! Elon Musk is trying to silence pro-democracy voices here — we need to stay UNITED. #FBR From now through the 4th: — Follow + comment - I’ll follow back — RT + comment - I’ll follow back
  11. LoL! Nice joke.
  12. Hi Posters, new, returning, and OG I would like to welcome you to Post and explain what we are trying to do here. We are trying to build a place where an idea can have more than 280 characters and debate is more than “You’re a Communist, You're a Fascist”. We want a place where yo
  13. Wait, crime dropped. 😳
  14. Elon Musk doesn’t pay his bills, and they call him a visionary business genius. You want help with your student loan bills, and they call you a freeloader.
  15. #FlowersofPost #flowers #Gardening #Periwinkle
  16. Hello, Post Friends! Here’s a Niddle visual guide to changing your profile picture from the default blue-swirly-thing to a picture that represents you. It doesn’t have to be a photo OF you, but adding
  17. A final attempt to even - anything. If you want to chastise me for being angry in the wake of the price paid for apathy and ignorance, go for it but I am asking you to make right this situation by any
  18. We are at the point when the teacher says.. Ok,class, raise your hand if you Don't have classified documents or need a pardon or an AR-15 ,an urge to eat dogs or have enough candy to share with the re
  19. This is an example of #GOP #DebtCeiling propaganda to scare people into accepting cuts to #SocialSecurity , #Medicare , and anything else that helps people who aren't wealthy. Of course, they never sugg
  20. "If working people, women, minorities, and students were a bit more desperate about their economic situations, these conservative thinkers asserted, then they’d be less likely to organize, protest, st

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