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Artist, animal lover , environmentalist, left leaning liberal. Filtering life through artistic expression... Keeping an eye on America: patiently waiting for DOJ to act re the Orange Man .

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  1. Donald Trump. He is a citizen of the USA. He should be treated as such; same as a taxi driver, teacher, musician etc. If he is not then the country is simply not a healthy Democracy.
  2. I have an affection for Loons having encountered them on my first trip to Canada. Here is "Loon Song" stemming from this affection..
  3. To me, mental deterioration is obvious. Suppose one COULD add moral and physical worse as well..
  4. Biden: A perfect POTUS for this time. America should be proud to own him.
  5. Dorset looking beautiful.
  6. Today, Feb 8th would have been the birthday of my lovely man. Miss him every day.
  7. I do NOT support hunting of foxes. Here my painting "Mr Fox Going Home"
  8. Been some frosty mornings..
  9. Anything quoting JONI deserves a repost; plus it has a dog!
  10. "Home" I know I am so very lucky to have one, with my lovely dogs and set in a caring village community.
  11. My brother and his old cat, Ginger. Two old chaps enjoying the warm, shared moment..
  12. The timing of the discovery of Biden papers seems perfect for the MAGA gang. Am I being over suspicious?
  13. This is the image the world will see, on the two year anniversary of the Capitol attack. Somehow we need to return to responsible governance. America is a lot better than this.
  14. Happy New Year to all! Make a wish for those you love. Let's hope Justice Rules for the Orange Man et al..
  15. More waiting..

    Love my girls! Mabel(L) Bella(R) Been an anxious morning waiting on B having a bladder scan. Results; 4 bladder stones so, depending on which type, a dietary route to dissolve or surgery. Antibiotic
  16. Waiting

    Here it is almost Monday midday. Waiting for USA to catch up so we can hear about J6 referrals for You Know Who. Plus, whether Elon WILL remove himself and who he will put in his place

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