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Today is a new day, with a new opportunity, to improve myself and make the world a better place to live in!

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  1. Trump wants immunity for events that cross the line - a Jan. 6 admission ❓
  2. By Lisa Bitel, USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences On March 17, the world celebrates the feast day of St. Patrick , a zealous British bishop of the fifth century who became famous for spreading Christianity in Ireland. Patrick is Ireland’s main patron saint. But as a
  3. Disturbing information from UN council! USA hold Israel ACCOUNTABLE!
  4. The SCOTUS is like the parent saying to their child (lower courts)… “Do as I supposedly say you should do, not as I do.” NOT GOOD ENOUGH! Same rules should apply for everyone. #Hypocrites #SCROTUS
  5. #Hitleresque

    My challenge to every reporter at @MSNBC @cnn @ABC @CBS ask every GOP senator and House Representative which word is more damaging: deplorable or vermin.
  6. #Meta should be shut down for good. Just like on X, I closed Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  7. Why would 31 Democrats vote no to expel Santos?! Why the f@(¥ did they do that?
  8. Oh for fudge sakes!
  9. This👇🏽
  10. Could we do this in Jersey please?! Throw his ass out of Jersey as well! Thank you very much!
  11. NRA
  12. After she lost in 2016, Hillary Clinton said that she believed that Russian interference in an effort to elect Donald Trump had impacted the outcome of the election. She didn’t try to obstruct the official proceedings of the joint session of Congress in which the electoral votes w
  13. Asashwamy just took a dive of the trump dive board into an empty trump pool with Dana Bash’s help! 😂 Superb setup!
  14. finally leo is being investigated.. mother fucker
  15. tRump always wanted a military parade😂 He got something close to it today 🤷🏽‍♀️
  16. My surprise plant in the garden…
  17. The face of a charlatan, an idiot and a traitor.

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