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City girl living in Iowa. Liberty and justice for all. The truth shall set you free. Add kindness. Love language.

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  1. Fox Fake News today: Trump's jury in the E. Jean Carroll case was all suburban moms, so no big surprise that they awarded significant damages. Reality: The Manhattan jury was made up of seven men and two women. Lies, lies, lies. Lies are like oxygen to these people.
  2. I'm amazed and encouraged by the Israeli response, while also worried their last chance was the election past and our last chance is the election to come.
  3. I wonder how long it will take for most Americans to realize just how huge this Infrastructure package is.
  4. Dr. Jack describes all the things that bothered me, even though the only one I could articulate before reading this was a plumper face.
  5. Hi Posters, The far right has unleashed homophobic hate against me on other platforms, but I won't be intimidated. We want to build our platform here on Post so we can continue our conversations on a harassment-free site. Can you please REPOST this post and FOLLOW us so we can grow
  6. Micropay

    It's 30 minutes since a mass shooting in Atlanta. I seem to recall a time when twitter would instantly be abuzz on the subject. Not now. One person posted a link to a local newspaper that required registration to view. I thought, now if it were Post I'd be happy to pay a few penn
  7. My psychiatrist of going on 30 years, who is an imaginary friend, tells me this is legit.
  8. Mailed to Walgreens today, and hand delivered to my local pharmacist: Your decision to refuse to provide legal and life-saving medicine to American women in my State has forced me to cease doing business with Walgreens Pharmacy. I will no longer refill my monthly prescriptions at
  9. I don't want to lose this fantastic article. I wish there were a bookmark feature here on Post.
  10. Start the day with good news The new 988 Mental Health Crisis Hotline has fielded over two million inquiries since opening six months ago.
  11. @semafor is proving itself by providing actual news in a straightforward fashion. No fuss. Plenty of context.
  12. Thank you for being that guy.
  13. Grrrrrr
  14. Science is lovely.
  15. So it goes.
  16. Yep.
  17. EEAAO

    Great discussion of everything everywhere all at once (EEAAO). If you’re still trying to figure out why you liked it so much this will help. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’m agreeing with those who say it’s perfect for the chaotic times we live in. The movie is crazy and sweet, un

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