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i am a patient boy…i wait, i wait, i wait, i wait.

Sconnie political junky.

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  1. It’s the guns.
  2. It was Alito. That's who.
  3. Never forget.
  4. I guess Kevin wants to lose one during prime time, too.
  5. Thank you, Madam Speaker.
  6. I love you.
  7. I'm excited to be reaching the end of my four year reminder that I really don't care much for soccer. Happy WC final to those that celebrate!
  8. Lately it seems I go to bed nearly every night thinking Twitter might not be there in the morning.
  9. Today would be a great day for indictments.
  10. Today would be a great day for indictments
  11. Kind of a big deal...
  12. Today would be a great day for indictments.
  13. Bring it home, Senator Warnock!
  14. ANDOR forgoes the fanboi easter eggs and instead provides a great story with outstanding performances and pacing. The best SW show yet.
  15. Will ye be gone?
  16. The RNC are not nearly effective at trolling as they think they are.
  17. First on NBC:
  18. Yup.
  19. Finding out who your follows have followed is fun. It’s interesting to see who has migrated over already.

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