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Equality, what a concept.

You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught from South Pacific You've got to be taught To hate and fear, You've got to be taught From year to year, It's got to be drummed In your dear little ear You've got to be carefully taught. Premiered in 1949

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  1. I hope you enjoy my year-end litigation run down. Democracy Was on the Docket in 2023, and It Won
  2. In Texas, practicing medicine without a license is a 3rd degree felony punishable by 2-10 years in prison and a fine of up to $10,000. Ken Paxton is practicing medicine in Texas without a license.
  3. As a general rule of democracy: Vote for people who will work to ensure the poor have the same rights, liberty, and justice before the law as the wealthy. Corollary: A rising tide lifts all boats. Which is good news for those who can afford a seat on the boat. No so great if you'r
  4. It is possible that our constitutional system simply cannot handle a threat like Trump. It is possible that the divisions in this country are too deep to rally against him. But we need to try.
  5. My firm is currently litigating 47 voting and election cases in 18 states. Democracy is on the docket!
  6. “We are thankful that there were lawyers in the Trump administration who opted to resign or be fired rather than advance his flagrantly unconstitutional schemes. They should be lauded. ... But these exceptions were notably few and far between. More alarming is the growing crowd o
  7. As Twitter implodes and people move to other platforms, please take a minute to sign up at Democracy Docket. It is the only way to guarantee you will stay informed on the fight for voting rights in court. Its free.
  8. This week my team: -Struck down Georgia's congressional and state leg. districts. -Stopped a GOP effort to ban Dropbox's in Arizona. -Sued Georgia for violating the VRA. -Started a trial to protect voting rights against True the Vote. That's why I say democracy is on the docket!
  9. By Charles R. Hunt, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Boise State University Political observers, most Americans and even members of Congress can’t remember a battle for the post of speaker of the U.S. House as fraught as the one that began back in January 2023 and continu
  10. House Republicans managed to shoot themselves while playing with their weapon. Now they're arguing over whether or not they should seek medical attention as they slowly bleed out. To use a metaphor even Republicans can understand.
  11. By Dan Rather Truth is the first casualty of war, as the saying goes. There’s a brutal irony that the truth of this sentiment survives every war. And here we are once more. The latest example is a scene of horror — hundreds dead after a massive explosion at a Gaza hospital. Each s
  12. By Daniel Cohan, Associate Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rice University After nearly two decades of stagnation, U.S. electricity demand is surging , driven by growing numbers of electric cars, data centers and air conditioners in a warming climate. But traditio
  13. I support Israel going after Hamas. What Hamas did was pure evil and subhuman. That said, there has to be a better way than bombing civilians I support innocent Israelis & I support innocent Palestinians Borders are irrelevant to supporting innocent humans, especially children
  14. My firm is currently litigating 47 voting and election cases in 19 states. The future of democracy is on the docket!
  15. Republican-controlled legislatures are ignoring the law because they have decided that defiance is good politics. Like Wallace, modern-day Republicans would rather be forced to step aside than do the right thing. That is the lesson of Alabama 60 years ago and today.
  16. It is one thing to set a fire, it’s quite another to control one. A fire begins with the careful arrangement of kindling. The deliberate manipulation of combustible elements. As the fire forms, each and every log placed must be intentional in order for the flames to burn hotter a

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