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  1. It's only a matter of time before the MAGA crowd shows up on Post because this platform is awesome 😎 Before this happens, let's find each other. The Resistance is #strongertogether. Like, repost, AND
  2. Jack is back in DC....... let the games begin
  3. General Motors has overtaken Toyota as the top brand for car sales in the U.S., reclaiming the top spot after losing it in 2021 for the first time in nearly a century Read more:
  4. This is a historic photograph. We are in good hands.
  5. Good reminder that Brett Favre is an awful human.
  6. 🥴
  7. Did you just join Post from Twitter? Are you looking for your friends? Will you follow back? If so… Reply to this post Follow everyone else who has replied (follow them first, don’t just follow back - f
  8. 2023 to do list ⬇️
  9. Bye bye birdie App … let’s POST.
  10. Not surprised at all. A Republican conspiracy continues thanks to Citizens United. 🤬
  11. Dear Santa
  12. I might be in love with this man. Don’t tell my husband because he’s kind of great too.
  13. If you are still on Twitter, it’s important to delete your phone and location information due to potential selling of personal data.
  14. Delighted to be here! I have no energy for any GOP’rs and their BS. Looking for left leaning people who want to see justice for all things TFG has done.

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