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I've been an economics professor since the closing years of the 20th century. I currently write about the watch industry but I've also published on the economics of copyright, media and the satellite industry. My blog is Horolonomics.

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  1. I don't see why I only have a handful of days to grade exams when apparently attorneys general can take three or more years to prosecute election crimes. I guess some accountability is better than none but what ever happened to justice delayed is justice denied?
  2. When MAGA builds a wall, they’re not employing their best. They’re not employing you. They’re not employing you. They’re employing people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with them. They’re bringing crime.
  3. "Swanson TV Dinner Heir Loses Job"
  4. Kevin McCarthy road showing his plan to throw our nation into default illustrates just how lost he is. You can't convince markets not to crash with a PowerPoint. What is happening right now?
  5. Breaking News Florida clown creates carnival then requests a trial delay because of carnival atmosphere.
  6. Solidarity.
  7. Totally not disturbing in any way </end sarcasm>
  8. Maybe Clarence should step aside for Chat GPT while we sort this out.
  9. Sad.
  10. CNN "The first was that while Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s case might cite solid evidence of alleged wrongdoing by Donald Trump , his legal theory might prove too vague, complex and seem like too much of a throwback to a 7-year-old election to be an easy sell to the p
  11. Huh. I thought the indictment was politically beneficial. But Mango Mussolini doesn't want cameras in court? Funny that.
  12. Oh, oh, I know this one! 🙋🏼 It's because they want to save the environment. Did I get it right? File this in "Articles with a Rhetorical Headline"
  13. Communism: Ron DeSantis and the Republican Party in Florida taking over a private enterprise called Disney.
  14. I don't know who needs to hear this, but we need to stop parroting Mango Mussolini's personalization of his legal woes. No single person gets to indict any other person in America. It is a jury of peers that indicts a person. And every person in America, at any point in time, can
  15. Twice impeached, once indicted. It has a nice ring to it.
  16. People are now referring to Credit Suisse as Debit Suisse. 😅😅
  17. Now would be a good time to remind some people that 483 Mango Mussolini followers have been convicted or plead guilty after following him like lemmings. FAFO.
  18. Let's continue with this banking discussion. For years banks were anti "woke". They engaged in rampant lending discrimination through the practice of redlining. You know what? They still failed. Sometimes in droves. So please spare me.
  19. The evidence: socially responsible behavior does not harm banks. See Vitalian and Stella, J Productivity Analysis, 2006.
  20. Did I miss a memo redefining philanthropy? Did the IRS issue a new ruling or something? Because I would not use the term philanthropy here. More like creepy homophobia.

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